jāyate is taking place; BG 1.29
jāyate comes into being; BG 1.40
jāyate takes birth; BG 2.20
jāyate takes birth; BG 14.15
jāyate takes birth; BG 14.15
jāyate becomes effective; SB 1.2.20
jāyate become possible; SB 1.5.33
jāyate generates; SB 2.10.17
jāyate expands; SB 3.14.12
jayate one becomes victorious; SB 4.21.46
jāyate is born; SB 6.16.22
jāyate one exists in the materialistic way of life; SB 7.15.50-51
jāyate is born (one who has taken birth is sure to die); SB 10.1.38
jāyate takes birth; SB 10.1.42
jāyate does arise; SB 10.3.44
jāyate takes birth; SB 10.24.13
jāyate arises; SB 10.26.14
jāyate is born; SB 10.51.53
jāyate is born; SB 10.64.39
jāyate will arise; SB 10.73.18
jāyate is born; SB 11.10.14-16
jāyate is born; SB 11.18.12
jāyate is awakened; SB 11.20.9
jāyate take birth; SB 11.22.46
jāyate takes birth; SB 11.27.54
jāyate arises; SB 12.3.7
jāyate arises; SB 12.5.7
jāyate has arisen; SB 12.8.2-5
jāyate arises; SB 12.13.22
jāyate is awakened; CC Madhya 9.266
ātmā vai jāyate putraḥ his self appears as the son; CC Madhya 12.56
jāyate appears; CC Madhya 22.46
jāyate is awakened; CC Madhya 22.61
jāyate appears; CC Madhya 22.84