jyotiṣām of all luminaries; BG 10.21
jyotiṣām in all luminous objects; BG 13.18
jyotiṣām by luminaries; SB 4.9.20-21
jyotiṣām of luminaries; SB 4.12.39
jyotiṣām of the luminaries; SB 5.16.1
jyotiṣām of the sun and other luminaries; SB 6.1.4-5
jyotiṣām of the luminaries like the sun and moon; SB 6.12.33
jyotiṣām of all the luminaries; SB 9.5.3
jyotiṣām knowledge of astrology (along with other aspects of culture in human society, and specifically in civilized society, there must be knowledge of astrology); SB 10.8.5
jyotiṣām of the heavenly bodies; SB 10.42.28-31
jyotiṣām of the moving planets; SB 12.4.37