kaivalya-pataye unto the master of the monists; SB 1.8.27
kaivalya transcendental; SB 2.3.12
kaivalya-ākhyam called kaivalya; SB 3.27.28-29
kaivalya-pate O bestower of merging in the existence of the Lord; SB 4.20.23
kaivalya-nātha to the bestower of liberation; SB 4.30.2
kaivalya-patiḥ the master of kaivalya, oneness, or the giver of sāyujya-mukti; SB 5.5.35
kaivalya-upaśikṣaṇa-arthaḥ to teach people the path of liberation; SB 5.6.12
kaivalya oneness; SB 7.10.49
kaivalya-nirvāṇa-sukha of liberation and transcendental bliss; SB 7.15.76
kaivalya-nāthāya unto the master of the transcendental world; SB 8.3.11
kaivalya-ādi like liberation or merging into the Brahman effulgence; SB 10.6.34
kaivalya of liberation; SB 10.23.46
kaivalya of liberation; SB 10.48.8
kaivalya by His purely spiritual status; SB 10.87.50
kaivalya liberated existence; SB 11.9.17-18
kaivalya exclusive devotional service; SB 12.13.11-12