kālam time; BG 8.23
ṣoḍaśa-kalam sixteen primary principles; SB 1.3.1
kalām plenary part; SB 1.5.21
kālam time; SB 1.6.26
kālam the eternal time; SB 1.8.28
kālam time; SB 1.13.14
kālam eternal time; SB 2.5.21
anta-kālam last moments of life; SB 2.7.29
kalām even partially; SB 3.7.41
kālam duration of life; SB 3.11.24
kālam time; SB 3.21.35
bāṣpa-kalām tears; SB 3.22.25
kālam time; SB 3.23.45
aśru-kalām tears; SB 3.23.50
kalām Kalā; SB 3.24.22-23
kālam who is time; SB 3.24.33
kālam the time factor; SB 3.26.16
kālam the time; SB 3.32.9
kalam very sweetly; SB 4.6.19-20
bāṣpa-kalām weeping; SB 4.8.16
kālam time; SB 4.11.22
kālam time; SB 4.12.14
kalām expansion; SB 4.15.2
kalām part of a plenary expansion; SB 4.15.9-10
yathā-kālam befitting time and circumstances; SB 4.22.50
kālam time; SB 4.30.39-40
kālam time; SB 4.31.18
kālam time; SB 5.2.18
kālam the end of the duration of life in the deer body; SB 5.8.31
bhagavat-kalām the plenary incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 5.15.9
kālam time; SB 5.22.6
kālam time; SB 5.22.7
tri-kālam three times; SB 5.23.9
tri-kālam three times; SB 5.23.9
ṣoḍaśa-kalam made of sixteen parts (namely the ten senses, the mind and the five sense objects); SB 6.1.51
ciram kālam a long time; SB 6.1.67
kālam time; SB 7.1.11
kālam time; SB 7.4.25-26
kālam eternal time; SB 7.13.6
yathā-kālam according to time (generally a gṛhastha can find time in the evening or in the afternoon); SB 7.14.3-4
yathā-kālam according to the time; SB 7.14.10
mat-kalām My expanded part; SB 8.4.17-24
kālam eternal time; SB 8.7.26
kālam time; SB 8.15.30
kālam the time factor, representing the Supreme Lord; SB 8.21.22
kālam that favorable time; SB 8.21.24
tam kālam that time; SB 8.24.39
kālam passing away time; SB 9.6.53
kālam time; SB 9.7.15
jñāna-kalām spiritual knowledge and its different branches; SB 9.7.25-26
kālam time; SB 9.9.1
kālam eyivān became a victim of time and died; SB 9.9.2
yathā-kālam as long as required; SB 9.11.36
kālam for a time; SB 9.19.11
kālam imminent danger of death; SB 10.1.47
sa-kalam along with His expansions; SB 10.13.40
yathā-kālam in accordance with the time and circumstances; SB 10.15.44
kalām a torrent; SB 10.17.19
kalam sweetly; SB 10.29.3
kālam time; SB 10.43.24
anu-kālam all the time; SB 10.64.42
aśru-kalām tears; SB 10.73.35
kālam time; SB 10.84.23
yathā-kālam at the suitable times; SB 10.89.64
kālam the controlling time factor; SB 11.6.15
yathā-kālam at the proper time; SB 11.7.50
yathā-kālam at least three times a day (dawn, noon and sunset); SB 11.13.13
tri-kālam three times a day; SB 11.18.3
jīva-kalām the Personality of Godhead, from whom all living entities expand; SB 11.27.23
kālam time; SB 12.1.20
kālam time; SB 12.9.28-29
kālam time; CC Adi 5.71
kalam energies; CC Adi 5.84
kalam elements; CC Madhya 20.266
kālam time; CC Madhya 20.281
kālam time; CC Madhya 21.41
āropaṇa-tulya-kālam at the same time as the sowing of the seed; CC Antya 6.264
kālam time; NoI 8
tyakta-kālam by casting His glance in the shape of sending His time energy; Bs 5.7
tat-kālam at that time; Bs 5.23
kālam time; Bs 5.48