kāmaiḥ by desires; BG 7.20
hṛdi baddha-kāmaiḥ with hearts full of all sorts of material desires; SB 3.9.12
kāmaiḥ by various presentations; SB 4.17.1
kāmaiḥ by presentations for sense enjoyment; SB 6.1.64
kāmaiḥ by desires; SB 7.7.32
kāmaiḥ according to the desires of the husband; SB 7.11.26-27
kāmaiḥ by material desires; SB 7.13.24
kāmaiḥ which can fulfill one's material desires; SB 7.13.31
kāmaiḥ various objects of enjoyment such as sumptuous food, flower garlands, sandalwood paste, etc.; SB 7.14.18
kāmaiḥ for satisfying one's desires; SB 8.19.23
labdha-kāmaiḥ by those brāhmaṇas, being fully satisfied; SB 9.4.33-35
kāmaiḥ with such lusty desires; SB 9.19.11
kāmaiḥ improvements of desire; SB 10.5.14
āpta-kāmaiḥ who have already realized all desires; SB 10.47.62
kāmaiḥ who desire; SB 10.48.30
kāmaiḥ by material desires; SB 10.51.58
kāmaiḥ desirable things; SB 10.53.35
kāmaiḥ (by Us) who wanted; SB 10.60.49
kāmaiḥ desirable; SB 10.69.30
kāmaiḥ with fulfillment of their desires; SB 10.70.12
kāmaiḥ by desires; SB 10.80.30
kāmaiḥ with desirable objects; SB 10.84.67-68
kāmaiḥ by material desires; SB 11.11.29-32
kāmaiḥ by opportunities for sense gratification; SB 11.14.17
kāmaiḥ with sensory enjoyment; SB 11.23.7
kāmaiḥ of the objects of sense gratification; SB 11.23.27