eka-kare in one hand only; SB 2.7.32
kare by the hand; SB 2.9.19
hāhā-kāre a cry of alarm; SB 3.19.5
kare are causes; SB 9.4.70
kare within the hands (being anxious about what Kṛṣṇa might have eaten); SB 10.8.33
kare her two hands; SB 10.48.6
kare his hand; SB 10.84.60
kare do; CC Adi 1.88-89
kare does; CC Adi 1.95
kare do; CC Adi 1.101
kare do; CC Adi 2.26
kare They do; CC Adi 2.49
kare make; CC Adi 2.60
kare takes; CC Adi 2.62
krīḍā kare He plays; CC Adi 2.99
krīḍā kare plays; CC Adi 3.12
kare makes; CC Adi 3.13
kare He makes; CC Adi 3.13
kare they do; CC Adi 3.15
kare does; CC Adi 3.56
kare does; CC Adi 3.64
kare do; CC Adi 3.67
kare makes; CC Adi 3.88
kare do; CC Adi 3.97
kare does; CC Adi 3.107
kare does; CC Adi 3.108
kare makes; CC Adi 3.109
kare does; CC Adi 4.13
kare do; CC Adi 4.21-22
kare does; CC Adi 4.24
kare does; CC Adi 4.25
kare does; CC Adi 4.43
kare does; CC Adi 4.60
kare makes; CC Adi 4.76
kare does; CC Adi 4.87
kare does; CC Adi 4.109
kare makes; CC Adi 4.123
kare does; CC Adi 4.149
kare do; CC Adi 4.150
kare do; CC Adi 4.167-169
kare do; CC Adi 4.167-169
kare do; CC Adi 4.175
kare do; CC Adi 4.175
kare they do; CC Adi 4.183
kare do; CC Adi 4.186
kare does; CC Adi 4.198
nā kare do not do; CC Adi 4.204
kare makes; CC Adi 4.246
kare makes; CC Adi 4.247
kare She does; CC Adi 4.251
kare does; CC Adi 4.254
kare vaśa subdues; CC Adi 4.261
kare does; CC Adi 4.265
kare does; CC Adi 5.9
kare does; CC Adi 5.10
kare does; CC Adi 5.29
kare does; CC Adi 5.30
kare does; CC Adi 5.56
kare shows; CC Adi 5.59
kare does; CC Adi 5.65
kare does; CC Adi 5.66
kare does; CC Adi 5.67
kare makes; CC Adi 5.80
kare does; CC Adi 5.104
kare does; CC Adi 5.105
kare does; CC Adi 5.106
dharma saṃsthāpana kare establishes the principles of religion; CC Adi 5.113
kare does; CC Adi 5.115
kare do; CC Adi 5.118
kare does; CC Adi 5.121
kṛṣṇa-sevā kare serves Lord Kṛṣṇa; CC Adi 5.124
kare does; CC Adi 5.136
kare nṛtya dances; CC Adi 5.142
kare does; CC Adi 5.149
pūrṇa kare fulfills; CC Adi 5.156
kare does; CC Adi 5.168
kare performs; CC Adi 5.171
kare shows; CC Adi 5.207
kare makes; CC Adi 5.208
kare does; CC Adi 5.215
kare performs; CC Adi 5.220
kare does; CC Adi 5.221
kare does; CC Adi 5.221
kare dhyāna perform meditation; CC Adi 5.222
kare does; CC Adi 5.223
kare does; CC Adi 5.225
viśva-sṛṣṭi kare creates this material world; CC Adi 6.14-15
kare does; CC Adi 6.17
kare does; CC Adi 6.20
kare does; CC Adi 6.42
upadeśa kare He instructs; CC Adi 6.43
kare do; CC Adi 6.51
kare does; CC Adi 6.52
yuddha kare fight; CC Adi 6.63
kare do; CC Adi 6.63
kare does; CC Adi 6.65-66
kare do; CC Adi 6.65-66
kare does; CC Adi 6.78
kare does; CC Adi 6.89
kare does; CC Adi 6.94
kare does; CC Adi 6.103
kare pāna they drink; CC Adi 6.105-106
kare does; CC Adi 7.11
dāna kare gives in charity; CC Adi 7.18-19
kare āsvādana taste; CC Adi 7.20-21
kare does; CC Adi 7.23
kare causes; CC Adi 7.28
kare did; CC Adi 7.38
kare does; CC Adi 7.41
nā kare does not practice; CC Adi 7.41
kare sańkīrtana but simply engages in sańkīrtana; CC Adi 7.41
kare made; CC Adi 7.53
atyāgraha kare strongly urging to accept the invitation; CC Adi 7.57
kare it induces; CC Adi 7.87
kare establishes; CC Adi 7.131
kare he makes; CC Adi 7.133
kare does; CC Adi 7.152
kare they do; CC Adi 7.154
kare does; CC Adi 7.159
kare becomes; CC Adi 8.5
kare executes; CC Adi 8.7
kare does; CC Adi 8.8
kare does; CC Adi 8.16
kare takes; CC Adi 8.24
kare makes; CC Adi 8.26
kare do; CC Adi 8.29-30
kare render; CC Adi 8.53
kare does; CC Adi 8.62
kare does; CC Adi 8.64
kare does; CC Adi 8.74
kare does; CC Adi 9.32
kare gives in; CC Adi 9.48
kare do; CC Adi 10.11
kare does; CC Adi 10.25
pratigraha nāhi kare he did not accept charity from anyone; CC Adi 10.50
kare maintained; CC Adi 10.50
kare does; CC Adi 10.67
kare does; CC Adi 10.78-79
kare does; CC Adi 10.99
kare does; CC Adi 10.101
kare does; CC Adi 10.102
kare do; CC Adi 10.127
patha kare clears the way; CC Adi 10.142
kare rendered; CC Adi 10.143
kare does; CC Adi 11.18
kare does; CC Adi 11.19
kare performs; CC Adi 11.23
kare does; CC Adi 11.29
nṛtya kare used to dance; CC Adi 11.32
kare does; CC Adi 11.35
kare does; CC Adi 11.39
kare does; CC Adi 12.7
kalpanā kare they concoct; CC Adi 12.9
kare does; CC Adi 12.20
kare does; CC Adi 12.23
kare did; CC Adi 12.26
kare does; CC Adi 12.47
kare performs; CC Adi 13.40
kare does; CC Adi 13.41
kare establishes; CC Adi 13.64
kare takes; CC Adi 13.66
kare does; CC Adi 13.70
kare does; CC Adi 13.71
kare render; CC Adi 13.79
kare offering; CC Adi 13.83
kare rendered; CC Adi 13.86
kare do; CC Adi 13.96
kare performs; CC Adi 13.99
kare does; CC Adi 13.102
kare sańkīrtana perform sańkīrtana; CC Adi 13.103
kare give; CC Adi 13.103
kare offered; CC Adi 13.104
kare do; CC Adi 13.105
kare do; CC Adi 13.106
kare do; CC Adi 13.108
kare does; CC Adi 13.108
kare does; CC Adi 14.35
kare they do; CC Adi 14.56
kare they make; CC Adi 14.81
kare they offer; CC Adi 14.81
kare does; CC Adi 14.93
kare does; CC Adi 15.22
kare does; CC Adi 16.7
kare does; CC Adi 16.7
kare does; CC Adi 16.20
kare does; CC Adi 16.26
kare does; CC Adi 16.86
kare do; CC Adi 17.6
kare does; CC Adi 17.6
kāre from anyone; CC Adi 17.29
kare does; CC Adi 17.30
kare performed; CC Adi 17.35
kare do; CC Adi 17.36
kare exclaimed; CC Adi 17.43
kare does; CC Adi 17.66
kare performed; CC Adi 17.87
kare performs; CC Adi 17.88
nṛtya kare was dancing; CC Adi 17.102
kare perform; CC Adi 17.119
mānā kare orders Me to stop; CC Adi 17.134
kare does; CC Adi 17.136
kare does; CC Adi 17.137
kare do; CC Adi 17.140
kare do; CC Adi 17.140
kare does; CC Adi 17.158
kare execute; CC Adi 17.159
kare makes; CC Adi 17.161
kare execute; CC Adi 17.163
kare does; CC Adi 17.180
kāre to others; CC Adi 17.188
kare make; CC Adi 17.195
kare chants; CC Adi 17.201-202
kare does; CC Adi 17.211
kare performed; CC Adi 17.227
kare does; CC Adi 17.232
kare do; CC Adi 17.254
kare He does; CC Adi 17.256
kare they offer; CC Adi 17.263
nindā kare blasphemes; CC Adi 17.264
kare offer; CC Adi 17.264
kare does; CC Adi 17.275
kare does; CC Adi 17.282
kare make; CC Adi 17.287
kare he does; CC Adi 17.312
kare accepts; CC Madhya 1.28
kare renders; CC Madhya 1.29
kare does; CC Madhya 1.139
kare performs; CC Madhya 1.147
kare performed; CC Madhya 1.167
kare does; CC Madhya 1.172
kare perform; CC Madhya 1.186
stuti kare offer prayers; CC Madhya 1.187
kare do; CC Madhya 1.193
kare does; CC Madhya 1.205
kare shows; CC Madhya 1.222
darśana kare visit; CC Madhya 1.268
kare make; CC Madhya 1.272
kare does; CC Madhya 2.17
kare does; CC Madhya 2.19
kare does; CC Madhya 2.25
kare does; CC Madhya 2.54
kare does; CC Madhya 2.55
kare does; CC Madhya 2.64
kare does; CC Madhya 2.68
kare does; CC Madhya 2.73
stuti kare Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu praised the behavior; CC Madhya 3.15
kare does; CC Madhya 3.110
kare do; CC Madhya 3.127
kare does; CC Madhya 3.136
kare does; CC Madhya 3.139
kare does; CC Madhya 3.142
kare offers; CC Madhya 3.149
kare takes; CC Madhya 3.149
kare does; CC Madhya 3.151
kare does; CC Madhya 3.159
nā kare does not do; CC Madhya 3.178
nā kare lańghana does not deny; CC Madhya 3.199
kare does; CC Madhya 3.200
kare does; CC Madhya 3.202
kare make; CC Madhya 4.12
kare do; CC Madhya 4.69
kare made; CC Madhya 4.70
kare make; CC Madhya 4.71
kare chant; CC Madhya 4.80
anna-kūṭa kare perform the Annakūṭa ceremony; CC Madhya 4.90
kare perform; CC Madhya 4.97
kāre to anyone; CC Madhya 4.122
kare do; CC Madhya 4.145
kare into the hand; CC Madhya 4.153
kare does; CC Madhya 4.170
kare does; CC Madhya 4.186
kare does; CC Madhya 4.195
kare does; CC Madhya 5.17
kare renders; CC Madhya 5.19
kare renders; CC Madhya 5.34
kare do; CC Madhya 5.38
kare do; CC Madhya 5.86
kare do; CC Madhya 5.109
kare does; CC Madhya 6.5
kare began; CC Madhya 6.37
dui kare two hands; CC Madhya 6.44
kare does; CC Madhya 6.99
kare does; CC Madhya 6.115
kare does; CC Madhya 6.138
kare does; CC Madhya 6.141
kare does; CC Madhya 6.150
kare do; CC Madhya 6.160
kare do; CC Madhya 6.185
kare does; CC Madhya 6.199
kare does; CC Madhya 6.204
kare does; CC Madhya 6.237
kare does; CC Madhya 6.264-265
kare executes; CC Madhya 6.264-265
kare makes; CC Madhya 6.267
kare transforms; CC Madhya 6.279
kare does; CC Madhya 6.282
kare does; CC Madhya 6.283
kare does; CC Madhya 7.29
kare does; CC Madhya 7.38
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 7.78
kare made; CC Madhya 7.87
kare gives; CC Madhya 7.104
dhyāna kare meditates on; CC Madhya 7.124
kare does; CC Madhya 7.130
bhikṣā kare takes alms or eats; CC Madhya 7.131-132
kare does; CC Madhya 7.152
kare does; CC Madhya 8.13
kare does; CC Madhya 8.32
kare offer; CC Madhya 8.47
kare does; CC Madhya 8.103
kare does; CC Madhya 8.145
kare does; CC Madhya 8.158
pūrṇa kare fulfills; CC Madhya 8.164
kare makes; CC Madhya 8.180
kare performs; CC Madhya 8.189
kare does; CC Madhya 8.204-205
kare makes; CC Madhya 8.214
kare do; CC Madhya 8.218
kare does; CC Madhya 8.229
kare do; CC Madhya 8.259
kare makes; CC Madhya 8.262
kare does; CC Madhya 8.305
kare does; CC Madhya 9.43
hāsya kare laugh; CC Madhya 9.51
kare do; CC Madhya 9.60
kare does; CC Madhya 9.93
kare do; CC Madhya 9.94
kare does; CC Madhya 9.127
kare do; CC Madhya 9.135
kare does; CC Madhya 9.154
kare exhibits; CC Madhya 9.155
kare does; CC Madhya 9.165
nāhi kare did not do; CC Madhya 9.180
upavāsa kare fasted; CC Madhya 9.185
sevā kare worship; CC Madhya 9.248
tyāga kare give up; CC Madhya 9.267
kare does; CC Madhya 9.287
kare do; CC Madhya 9.322
sabe kare all of them did; CC Madhya 9.342
kare does; CC Madhya 9.353
kare does; CC Madhya 10.11
kare does; CC Madhya 10.40
kare does; CC Madhya 10.41
kare does; CC Madhya 10.114
kare does; CC Madhya 10.135
kare does; CC Madhya 10.139
kare do; CC Madhya 10.148
kare does; CC Madhya 10.148
kare do; CC Madhya 10.150
kare does; CC Madhya 10.158
kare does; CC Madhya 11.21
prīti kare shows love; CC Madhya 11.26
nā kare does not do; CC Madhya 11.43
kare does; CC Madhya 11.99
kare does; CC Madhya 11.115
kare does; CC Madhya 11.115
kare does; CC Madhya 11.135-136
kare does; CC Madhya 11.153
kare does; CC Madhya 11.158
kare does; CC Madhya 11.185
kare does; CC Madhya 11.201
kare does; CC Madhya 11.202
pariveśana kare distributes; CC Madhya 11.207
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 11.215
kare does; CC Madhya 11.216
kare do; CC Madhya 11.221
kare performs; CC Madhya 11.225
kare does; CC Madhya 11.230
kare does; CC Madhya 11.230
kare does; CC Madhya 11.231
kare does; CC Madhya 11.234
kare performed; CC Madhya 11.240
kare performed; CC Madhya 11.241
sneha kare loves; CC Madhya 12.28
kare executes; CC Madhya 12.38
kare do; CC Madhya 12.48
kāre tomāra bhaya why should You be afraid of anyone; CC Madhya 12.49
nā kare does not; CC Madhya 12.53
kare do; CC Madhya 12.64
krīḍā kare performs pastimes; CC Madhya 12.69
kare do; CC Madhya 12.70
bhikṣā kare takes His lunch; CC Madhya 12.70
sammārjanī-kare do the cleansing work; CC Madhya 12.84
kare do; CC Madhya 12.85
kare does; CC Madhya 12.86
kare do; CC Madhya 12.100
kare does; CC Madhya 12.100
mahāprabhura kare to the hand of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; CC Madhya 12.101
kare does; CC Madhya 12.102
kare gives; CC Madhya 12.102
kare hari-dhvani chanting the holy name of Hari; CC Madhya 12.111
kare do; CC Madhya 12.112
kare does; CC Madhya 12.112
kare does; CC Madhya 12.114
kare does; CC Madhya 12.116
kare He does; CC Madhya 12.116
kare performs; CC Madhya 12.117
karma kare do work; CC Madhya 12.118
kare does; CC Madhya 12.127
kare variṣaṇa pour; CC Madhya 12.139
kare performs; CC Madhya 12.141
nṛtya kare danced; CC Madhya 12.149
kare nivedana submitted; CC Madhya 12.160
pariveśana kare distribute; CC Madhya 12.163-164
kare do; CC Madhya 12.163-164
kare nirīkṣaṇa sees carefully; CC Madhya 12.171
nivedana kare offered; CC Madhya 12.173
kare samarpaṇa offers; CC Madhya 12.175
kare do; CC Madhya 12.176
kare transformed; CC Madhya 12.182
kare does; CC Madhya 12.194
kare do; CC Madhya 12.196
kare do; CC Madhya 12.196
kare performs; CC Madhya 12.203
kare do; CC Madhya 12.210
kare engaged; CC Madhya 12.214
kare does; CC Madhya 12.217
kare do; CC Madhya 13.9
kare makes; CC Madhya 13.14
kare does; CC Madhya 13.15
kare does; CC Madhya 13.15
kare does; CC Madhya 13.16
kare performs; CC Madhya 13.16
kare accepts; CC Madhya 13.17
kare performs; CC Madhya 13.46
kare does; CC Madhya 13.58
kare does; CC Madhya 13.65
kare performs; CC Madhya 13.68
stuti kare offers prayer; CC Madhya 13.76
kare does; CC Madhya 13.83
kare does; CC Madhya 13.90
kare does; CC Madhya 13.99
kare does; CC Madhya 13.99
kare performed; CC Madhya 13.117
kare does; CC Madhya 13.126
kare does; CC Madhya 13.135
kare does; CC Madhya 13.148
kare do; CC Madhya 13.158
kare does; CC Madhya 13.161
kare does; CC Madhya 13.164
nija-kare by his own hand; CC Madhya 13.166
kare makes; CC Madhya 13.167
kare does; CC Madhya 13.169
kare make; CC Madhya 13.177
kare performed; CC Madhya 13.191
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 13.195
kare does; CC Madhya 13.196
kare do; CC Madhya 13.197
kare do; CC Madhya 13.199
kare performs; CC Madhya 14.7
kare does; CC Madhya 14.14
kare bhojana accepts the prasādam; CC Madhya 14.40
kare performs; CC Madhya 14.46
kare exclaim; CC Madhya 14.53
kare do; CC Madhya 14.61
kare make; CC Madhya 14.69
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 14.70
kīrtana kare performs kīrtana; CC Madhya 14.72
kare jala-khelā performed sports in the water; CC Madhya 14.75
kare do; CC Madhya 14.78
kare daraśana sees; CC Madhya 14.78
kare does; CC Madhya 14.79
kare do; CC Madhya 14.80
bāla-cāñcalya kare sport like children; CC Madhya 14.84
uchalita kare rises; CC Madhya 14.85
kare performs; CC Madhya 14.96
kare performs; CC Madhya 14.104
kare does; CC Madhya 14.118
kare makes; CC Madhya 14.120
kare does; CC Madhya 14.126
kare pratyutthāna stands up; CC Madhya 14.144
kare does; CC Madhya 14.144
kare ālińgana embraces; CC Madhya 14.145
kare does; CC Madhya 14.146
kare does; CC Madhya 14.146
kare does; CC Madhya 14.147
vakra-vākye kare upahāsa jokes with equivocal words; CC Madhya 14.148
kare performs; CC Madhya 14.150
kare they do; CC Madhya 14.157
kare mana desires; CC Madhya 14.171
mānā kare prohibits; CC Madhya 14.172
kare does; CC Madhya 14.195
kare does; CC Madhya 14.195
kare does; CC Madhya 14.198
kare does; CC Madhya 14.199
kare does; CC Madhya 14.208
kare do; CC Madhya 14.211
kare they treated; CC Madhya 14.211
kare does; CC Madhya 14.215
kare they do; CC Madhya 14.224
kare in His hand; CC Madhya 14.226
kare does; CC Madhya 14.229
kare does; CC Madhya 14.229
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 14.233
kare performs; CC Madhya 14.242
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.4
nṛtya-gīta kare performs chanting and dancing; CC Madhya 15.5
kare bāhire vijaya He remains outside; CC Madhya 15.6
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.7
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.7
stuti kare offers prayers; CC Madhya 15.9
kare does; CC Madhya 15.12
kare do; CC Madhya 15.14
kare accept; CC Madhya 15.15
kare nṛtya-rańga performed dancing in jubilation; CC Madhya 15.21
kare performed; CC Madhya 15.31
ke kare bhojana who will eat them; CC Madhya 15.57
kare does; CC Madhya 15.64
kare makes; CC Madhya 15.74
kare makes; CC Madhya 15.76
kare makes; CC Madhya 15.77
kare do; CC Madhya 15.82
kare nivedana offers to the Deity; CC Madhya 15.87
kare he makes; CC Madhya 15.89
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.91
vyaya kare spends; CC Madhya 15.94
kare can do; CC Madhya 15.107
kare does; CC Madhya 15.108
kare does; CC Madhya 15.109
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.120
sevā kare serves; CC Madhya 15.128-129
kare does; CC Madhya 15.134
kare manifests; CC Madhya 15.141
kichu kare nivedana submits some appeals; CC Madhya 15.148
nivedana kare submits; CC Madhya 15.159
satya kare fulfills as true; CC Madhya 15.166
dūra kare vanquishes; CC Madhya 15.169
kare can do; CC Madhya 15.179
kare does; CC Madhya 15.184-185
kare does; CC Madhya 15.193
kare arranges; CC Madhya 15.203
pāka yadi kare if engaged in cooking; CC Madhya 15.226
kare does; CC Madhya 15.248
āśvāsana kare pacifies; CC Madhya 15.283
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.297
kare performs; CC Madhya 15.298
yukti kare consulted; CC Madhya 16.7
nā kare gamana does not go; CC Madhya 16.11
kare gaṇana can count; CC Madhya 16.18
kare made; CC Madhya 16.19
kare does; CC Madhya 16.26
kare performed; CC Madhya 16.47
yukti kare They consult; CC Madhya 16.59
kare makes; CC Madhya 16.65
kare do; CC Madhya 16.82
stuti kare offers prayers; CC Madhya 16.104
kare gaṇana can make an account; CC Madhya 16.127-129
kare perform; CC Madhya 16.164
daṇḍavat kare offered obeisances; CC Madhya 16.179
kare performs; CC Madhya 16.201
kare does; CC Madhya 16.220
kare performs; CC Madhya 16.225
kare performs; CC Madhya 16.243
nā kare no one does; CC Madhya 16.272
kare vāraṇa can stop You; CC Madhya 16.283
kare does; CC Madhya 17.30
jala-kṛtya kare bathed and was chanting the Gāyatrī mantra within the water; CC Madhya 17.31
kare does; CC Madhya 17.34
kare do; CC Madhya 17.42
kare do; CC Madhya 17.42
kare makes; CC Madhya 17.45
kare do; CC Madhya 17.58
kare nimantraṇa make invitation; CC Madhya 17.60
pāka kare cooks; CC Madhya 17.61
kare pāka cooks; CC Madhya 17.62-63
vyañjana kare he prepares vegetables; CC Madhya 17.62-63
sevā kare renders service; CC Madhya 17.65
kare gańgā-snāna was taking his bath in the Ganges; CC Madhya 17.83
nṛtya kare began to dance; CC Madhya 17.87
kare does; CC Madhya 17.90
kare performs; CC Madhya 17.109
kare makes; CC Madhya 17.112
kare pratīti will believe; CC Madhya 17.114
kare does; CC Madhya 17.126
kare make; CC Madhya 17.137
gāna kare chant; CC Madhya 17.148
nṛtya kare he dances; CC Madhya 17.158
kare do; CC Madhya 17.159
kare rendered; CC Madhya 17.175
nā kare bhojana does not accept food; CC Madhya 17.179
kare does; CC Madhya 17.196
bhaya nāhi kare they were not at all afraid; CC Madhya 17.198
kare performs; CC Madhya 17.203
kare perform; CC Madhya 17.206
kare does; CC Madhya 17.219
jala-seka kare sprinkle water; CC Madhya 17.220
kare does; CC Madhya 18.6
kare performs; CC Madhya 18.9
kare snāna takes a bath; CC Madhya 18.10
kare dāna gives as charity; CC Madhya 18.10
stuti kare offers prayers; CC Madhya 18.13
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 18.13
kare does; CC Madhya 18.22
kare performs; CC Madhya 18.36
kare does; CC Madhya 18.78
kare performs; CC Madhya 18.78
nāma-sańkīrtana kare performs chanting of the holy name; CC Madhya 18.80
upadeśa kare instructs; CC Madhya 18.81
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 18.94
kare kolāhale make a chaotic tumult; CC Madhya 18.101
kare nimantraṇa offer invitations; CC Madhya 18.130
kare do; CC Madhya 18.133
kare do; CC Madhya 18.148
nṛtya kare dances; CC Madhya 18.177
kare performed; CC Madhya 18.213
kare performs; CC Madhya 18.219
yei tarka kare one who simply argues; CC Madhya 18.227
vyaya kare spent; CC Madhya 19.9
prīti kare loves very much; CC Madhya 19.13
rāja-kārya kare executed the government service; CC Madhya 19.16
kare did; CC Madhya 19.16
kare does; CC Madhya 19.24
kare one commits; CC Madhya 19.26
stuti kare offer prayers; CC Madhya 19.52
kare does; CC Madhya 19.81
kare do; CC Madhya 19.131
kare perform; CC Madhya 19.146
kare does; CC Madhya 19.152
kare ārohaṇa climbs; CC Madhya 19.154
kare makes; CC Madhya 19.157
kare does; CC Madhya 19.163
kare does; CC Madhya 19.195
kare performs; CC Madhya 19.223
kare camatkāra is certainly wonderful; CC Madhya 19.234
kare does; CC Madhya 19.238
kare executes; CC Madhya 20.38
loka kare upahāsa people will joke; CC Madhya 20.92
kare puts; CC Madhya 20.95-96
kare does; CC Madhya 20.95-96
kare does; CC Madhya 20.98
kṛṣṇa-sevā kare one renders service to Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 20.126
kare make; CC Madhya 20.129
kare does; CC Madhya 20.223
kare does; CC Madhya 20.250
kare does; CC Madhya 20.260
kare avadhāna glances; CC Madhya 20.272
kare impregnates; CC Madhya 20.272
kare does; CC Madhya 20.289
kare performs; CC Madhya 20.290
kare does; CC Madhya 20.301
kare does; CC Madhya 20.303
kare perform; CC Madhya 20.335
kare perform; CC Madhya 20.339
dharma pravartana kare introduces a particular type of religious activity; CC Madhya 20.341
kare perform; CC Madhya 20.341
kare lakṣaṇa-vicāra describes the symptoms of the avatāras; CC Madhya 20.354
kare makes; CC Madhya 20.378
kare does; CC Madhya 20.381
prakaṭa kare demonstrates; CC Madhya 20.383
kare performs; CC Madhya 20.384
udaya kare are manifested; CC Madhya 20.393
kare do; CC Madhya 21.20
kare stuti offer prayers; CC Madhya 21.22
kare do; CC Madhya 21.72
kare can do; CC Madhya 21.87
kare offer; CC Madhya 21.95
kare does; CC Madhya 21.97
kare does; CC Madhya 21.102
kare performs; CC Madhya 21.107
ślāghya kare they glorify; CC Madhya 21.114
kare do; CC Madhya 21.118
kare does; CC Madhya 21.121
kare does; CC Madhya 21.122
kare does; CC Madhya 21.126
kare do; CC Madhya 21.128
kare do; CC Madhya 21.128
kare āpyāyita pleases; CC Madhya 21.130
kare does; CC Madhya 21.132
kare make; CC Madhya 21.134
kare would create; CC Madhya 21.134
kare āsvādana relished; CC Madhya 21.135
kare does; CC Madhya 21.137
kare ākarṣaṇe attracts; CC Madhya 21.142
vāsā kare makes a residence; CC Madhya 21.144
daṇḍa kare gives punishment; CC Madhya 22.13
kare performs; CC Madhya 22.25
kare pāra releases; CC Madhya 22.33
kare he performs; CC Madhya 22.37
kṛpā kare shows His mercy; CC Madhya 22.47
kare does; CC Madhya 22.102
kare makes; CC Madhya 22.102
śuddha kare purifies; CC Madhya 22.143
kare anugati follows; CC Madhya 22.153
kare does; CC Madhya 22.156-157
kare executes; CC Madhya 22.156-157
kare executes; CC Madhya 22.159
kare executes; CC Madhya 22.164
kare makes; CC Madhya 23.36
kare do; CC Madhya 23.99
kare by the hand; CC Madhya 23.124
kare jhalamala are glittering; CC Madhya 24.10
kare causes; CC Madhya 24.38
kare does; CC Madhya 24.43
kare saṃharaṇa He takes away; CC Madhya 24.60
kare does; CC Madhya 24.62
kare does; CC Madhya 24.102
kare do; CC Madhya 24.104
kare does; CC Madhya 24.109
kare does; CC Madhya 24.110
kare performs; CC Madhya 24.111
kare perform; CC Madhya 24.114
kare engaged in; CC Madhya 24.119
kare perform; CC Madhya 24.122
ca-kāre in the use of the word ca; CC Madhya 24.145
kare do; CC Madhya 24.146
ca-kāre by the word ca; CC Madhya 24.149
ahaitukī bhakti kare they perform causeless devotional service; CC Madhya 24.167
kare performs; CC Madhya 24.188
kare does; CC Madhya 24.212
kare engages himself; CC Madhya 24.227
kare dhaḍ-phaḍi twisting with pain; CC Madhya 24.231
kare dhaḍ-phaḍa twists in pain; CC Madhya 24.232
dhaḍ-phaḍa kare twist and turn because of suffering; CC Madhya 24.243
nṛtya kare began to dance; CC Madhya 24.276
bhakti kare all of them engage in devotional service; CC Madhya 24.301
stuti kare offers prayers; CC Madhya 24.314
ke kare pramāṇa who will accept this as evidential proof; CC Madhya 24.322
yuḍi' dui kare folding his two hands; CC Madhya 24.324
kare do; CC Madhya 25.7
bhakti kare sāra established the predominance of devotional service; CC Madhya 25.20
kare join; CC Madhya 25.21
goṣṭhī kare discussed; CC Madhya 25.22
kare does; CC Madhya 25.26
kare does; CC Madhya 25.27
paṇḍita kare upahāsa so-called scholars play jokes without perfect understanding; CC Madhya 25.34
kare performed; CC Madhya 25.46
kare does; CC Madhya 25.47
kare perform; CC Madhya 25.63
namaskāra kare loka all the people offered their obeisances; CC Madhya 25.164
kare performed; CC Madhya 25.165
kare do; CC Madhya 25.166
kare do; CC Madhya 25.175
daṇḍavat kare offer their respects; CC Madhya 25.176
kare performed; CC Madhya 25.187
kare does; CC Madhya 25.213
kare performs; CC Madhya 25.241
kare variṣaṇa rain down these nectarean pastimes of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu and Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa; CC Madhya 25.276
kare does; CC Antya 1.16
kare performs; CC Antya 1.16
kare performs; CC Antya 1.33
daṇḍavat kare offers You obeisances: haridāsa kahilā Haridāsa informed Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; CC Antya 1.48
nā kare does not do; CC Antya 1.129
kare in the hand; CC Antya 1.161
kare do; CC Antya 1.181
kare does; CC Antya 2.66
kare does; CC Antya 2.91
kare prepares; CC Antya 2.101
lekhā kare accepts; CC Antya 2.105
kare upavāsa was fasting; CC Antya 2.115
kare upavāsa he is now fasting; CC Antya 2.116
kare does; CC Antya 2.117
kare do; CC Antya 2.118
nā kare darśana does not see; CC Antya 2.124
līlā kare continues to execute pastimes; CC Antya 2.167
kare namaskāra offers respectful obeisances; CC Antya 3.4-5
dayā kare reciprocates His mercy; CC Antya 3.4-5
niṣedha kare forbids; CC Antya 3.6
kare does; CC Antya 3.7
kare ākarṣaṇa attracts; CC Antya 3.38
kare do; CC Antya 3.44
kare does; CC Antya 3.45
ki kare what He does; CC Antya 3.47
hiṃsā kare do violence against; CC Antya 3.50
kare does; CC Antya 3.101
kare plans; CC Antya 3.103
kare makes; CC Antya 3.104
kare performs; CC Antya 3.116
kare became; CC Antya 3.123
grahaṇa kare chants; CC Antya 3.140
sevana kare she worshiped; CC Antya 3.141
nindā kare blasphemes; CC Antya 3.147
go-vadha kare who kill cows; CC Antya 3.155
kare does; CC Antya 3.159
kare does; CC Antya 3.162
kṛpā kare shows mercy; CC Antya 3.170
ārindā-giri kare acts as the chief tax collector; CC Antya 3.191
kare offer; CC Antya 3.211
kṣamā kare excuses; CC Antya 3.213
kare performed; CC Antya 3.225
kare jhala-mala appear dazzling; CC Antya 3.230
dayā kare show favor; CC Antya 3.237
kare does; CC Antya 3.243
kare she does; CC Antya 3.245
kare gives; CC Antya 3.257
kare make; CC Antya 3.268
kare namaskāra is offering his obeisances; CC Antya 4.18
kare performs; CC Antya 4.30
kare gāna chants; CC Antya 4.31
kare shows; CC Antya 4.68
kare nartane dances; CC Antya 4.86
nā kare he does not do; CC Antya 4.88
nā kare pracāra does not do preaching work; CC Antya 4.102
gatāgati kare come and go; CC Antya 4.127
kare upahāsa joke; CC Antya 4.131
kare would do; CC Antya 4.132
kare ālińgana He embraces; CC Antya 4.134
kare did; CC Antya 4.147
kare tiraskāre chastises; CC Antya 4.157
kare does; CC Antya 4.160
upadeśa kare advises; CC Antya 4.169
kare does; CC Antya 4.192
kare makes; CC Antya 4.192
kare makes; CC Antya 4.193
ke kare gaṇana who can enumerate; CC Antya 4.222
kare nivedane submits as a petition; CC Antya 5.4
kare prakaṭana he demonstrates; CC Antya 5.23
namaskāra kare offers respectful obeisances; CC Antya 5.28
nivedana kare submitted; CC Antya 5.28
kare paracāra preaches; CC Antya 5.74
kare does; CC Antya 5.83
kare varṇana describes; CC Antya 5.106
kare do; CC Antya 5.136
kare nāma uccāraṇa chants the name of Kṛṣṇa; CC Antya 5.155
kare performs; CC Antya 6.3
kare does; CC Antya 6.15
kare ḍara is afraid; CC Antya 6.23
udaya kare rise; CC Antya 6.44
daṇḍavat kare is offering obeisances; CC Antya 6.46
nā kare gamana does not come; CC Antya 6.48
kare gaṇana can count; CC Antya 6.63
pariveśana kare distributed; CC Antya 6.70
kare samarpaṇa offers; CC Antya 6.97
nṛtya kare began to dance; CC Antya 6.102
kare does; CC Antya 6.164
kare he does; CC Antya 6.165
brahmaṇya kare give charity to the brāhmaṇas; CC Antya 6.198
kare mahā-andha makes one completely blind; CC Antya 6.199
kare do; CC Antya 6.210
kare do; CC Antya 6.215
kare jīvana rakṣaṇa he sustains his life; CC Antya 6.223
kare does; CC Antya 6.224
kare does; CC Antya 6.225
kare he renders; CC Antya 6.241
kare performs; CC Antya 6.253
nā kare nimantraṇa does not invite; CC Antya 6.272
śire kare He puts on His head; CC Antya 6.291
kare samarpaṇa offers; CC Antya 6.305
kare samādhāna arranges; CC Antya 6.305
kare performs; CC Antya 6.325
smaraṇa kare remembers; CC Antya 7.9
kare does; CC Antya 7.30
kare praśaṃsana praise; CC Antya 7.31
kare do; CC Antya 7.41
pariveśana kare distribute; CC Antya 7.68
kare āsā-yāi comes and goes; CC Antya 7.90
nā kare śravaṇa do not hear; CC Antya 7.91
kare praṇaya-roṣa showed affectionate anger; CC Antya 7.99
kare does; CC Antya 7.100
kare does; CC Antya 7.101
kare likhana writes; CC Antya 7.135
kare does; CC Antya 7.140
kare makes; CC Antya 7.143
krīḍā kare executes different pastimes; CC Antya 8.6
kare bahuta bhakṣaṇa eat more than necessary; CC Antya 8.15
kare dharma nāśa destroys the regulative principles; CC Antya 8.16
nindā kare criticizes; CC Antya 8.17
kare was performing; CC Antya 8.19
bhaya nāhi kare without fear; CC Antya 8.20
nindā kare criticizes; CC Antya 8.27
kare performs; CC Antya 8.28
kare upadeśa teaches; CC Antya 8.35
bhikṣā kare accepts food; CC Antya 8.39
kare sarva-anusandhāna takes all information of; CC Antya 8.42
kare miṣṭānna bhakṣaṇa eats sweetmeats; CC Antya 8.44
kare does; CC Antya 8.47
ādara kare offers respect; CC Antya 8.47
kare hāhā-kāra began to say, "alas, alas."; CC Antya 8.57-58
kare does; CC Antya 8.64
nā kare does not do; CC Antya 8.66
ardha-aśana kare were taking half the quantity of food; CC Antya 8.70
kare does; CC Antya 8.79
nā kare grahaṇa he does not accept; CC Antya 8.81
kare does; CC Antya 8.81
nimantraṇa kare invites; CC Antya 8.89
pāka kare cooks; CC Antya 8.89
kare nimantraṇa they would invite; CC Antya 8.90-91
kare prabhura daraśana visited Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu; CC Antya 9.9
phu-kāre with a tumultuous sound; CC Antya 9.11
kare estimates; CC Antya 9.23
kṛpā kare was very kind to him; CC Antya 9.25
kare makes; CC Antya 9.32
prabhure kare anunaya entreated the Lord; CC Antya 9.42
vāṇīnātha ki kare what was Vāṇīnātha doing; CC Antya 9.55
kare engages; CC Antya 9.61
kare do; CC Antya 9.61
sparśa nāhi kare he does not touch; CC Antya 9.72
kare performs; CC Antya 9.82
kare does; CC Antya 9.82
kare rāja-viṣaya serves the government; CC Antya 9.88
kare rāja-dravya vyaya spends the revenue of the government; CC Antya 9.88
bhoga kare enjoys sense gratification; CC Antya 9.89
curi kare steals; CC Antya 9.90
nāhi kare daṇḍa does not punish; CC Antya 9.91
phu-kāre cries; CC Antya 9.92
kare bharaṇa will maintain; CC Antya 9.140
kare does; CC Antya 10.19
jala-krīḍā kare displays His water pastimes; CC Antya 10.42
nṛtya kare danced; CC Antya 10.59
kare ṭalamala trembles; CC Antya 10.64
hari-dhvani kare chanted the transcendental sound Hari; CC Antya 10.64
hari-dhvani kare chanted the holy name Hari; CC Antya 10.70
kare performs; CC Antya 10.82
kare performs; CC Antya 10.83-84
kare nivedana he requested; CC Antya 10.85
kare nivedana informs; CC Antya 10.110
kare vañcana told lies; CC Antya 10.113
kare nivedane offers; CC Antya 10.117
bhojana kare began to eat; CC Antya 10.124
kare nimantraṇa invite; CC Antya 10.134
kare nimantraṇa invite; CC Antya 10.140-141
kare nimantraṇa invite; CC Antya 10.154-155
kare āsvādana tastes; CC Antya 10.161
kare do; CC Antya 11.15
kare performed; CC Antya 11.49
kare make; CC Antya 11.58
nṛtya kare dances; CC Antya 11.63
pariveśana kare administer; CC Antya 11.84
keha nā kare bhojana no one would eat; CC Antya 11.85
tṛpta kare pleases; CC Antya 11.106
kare does; CC Antya 12.15
kare samādhāna began to arrange things; CC Antya 12.32
kare performs; CC Antya 12.33
kare performs; CC Antya 12.37
krīḍā kare performed pastimes; CC Antya 12.64
kare ańgīkāra accepts; CC Antya 12.111
kare varṇana can describe; CC Antya 12.133
kare he may make; CC Antya 13.40
kare samādhāna gave all kinds of service; CC Antya 13.48
kare jvālā was burning; CC Antya 13.76
kare pāda-samvāhana massaged his legs; CC Antya 13.95
kṛṣṇa bhajana kare are engaged in Kṛṣṇa's service; CC Antya 13.133
rāsa-līlā kare performs rāsa-līlā dance; CC Antya 14.17
darśana kare see; CC Antya 14.23
kare performs; CC Antya 14.48
kare jāgaraṇa keeps awake; CC Antya 14.50
kare does; CC Antya 14.56
kare does; CC Antya 14.59
vyakta kare exhibits; CC Antya 14.81
kare does; CC Antya 14.97
kare does; CC Antya 14.97
kare do; CC Antya 14.100
kare do; CC Antya 14.100
kare do; CC Antya 15.8
kare does; CC Antya 15.13
kare ākarṣaṇa attracts; CC Antya 15.22
kare do; CC Antya 15.26
kare does; CC Antya 15.26
kare do; CC Antya 15.37
kare does; CC Antya 15.72
kare does; CC Antya 15.72
kare does; CC Antya 15.80
kare hari-dhvani vibrate the holy name of Hari; CC Antya 15.91
nā kare uccāra did not utter; CC Antya 16.67
nā kare prakāśe he does not express; CC Antya 16.71
nā kare ākhyāna does not express; CC Antya 16.72
kare composes; CC Antya 16.75
kare makes; CC Antya 16.120
kare make; CC Antya 16.121-122
kare kṣaya vanquish; CC Antya 16.121-122
kare ākarṣaṇa attract; CC Antya 16.121-122
kare ākarṣaṇa they attract; CC Antya 16.123
kare make; CC Antya 16.124
kare viḍambana criticizes; CC Antya 16.127
kare hāsi' laugh; CC Antya 16.128
kare apamāna insults; CC Antya 16.129
puṇya kare acts piously; CC Antya 16.131
kare makes; CC Antya 16.132
pāna kare drinks; CC Antya 16.137
artha kare makes the meaning; CC Antya 16.141
kare pāna drinks; CC Antya 16.144
pāna kare drinks; CC Antya 16.145
kare snāna takes a bath; CC Antya 16.146
kare pāna drink; CC Antya 16.146
tapa kare perform austerities; CC Antya 16.147
pralāpa kare talks insanely; CC Antya 17.3
kare perform; CC Antya 17.20
kare samarpaṇa delivers; CC Antya 17.35
kare āsvādana tastes; CC Antya 17.39
kare vyakti express; CC Antya 17.44
tapa kare undergoes austerity; CC Antya 17.47
kare pāna drinks; CC Antya 17.48
kare arthe describes the meaning; CC Antya 17.50
kāre whom; CC Antya 17.52
kare does; CC Antya 17.54
artha kare He explains the meaning; CC Antya 18.9
kare makes; CC Antya 18.23
jhalamala kare glitter; CC Antya 18.27
kare does; CC Antya 18.53
kare makes; CC Antya 18.54
sakhī-kare in the hands of their gopī friends; CC Antya 18.83
pāna kare drink; CC Antya 18.86
kare with hands; CC Antya 18.88
kare jhalamala glitter; CC Antya 18.90
kare daraśane sees; CC Antya 18.90
sevā kare render service; CC Antya 18.100
kare does; CC Antya 18.108
kare performs; CC Antya 19.3
kare rātri-dine He performed day and night; CC Antya 19.31
kare makes; CC Antya 19.38
kare does; CC Antya 19.43
kare does; CC Antya 19.44
kare does; CC Antya 19.49
kare hāya hāya always says "alas, alas"; CC Antya 19.53
kare āśvāsana pacify; CC Antya 19.54
yei kare whatever He does; CC Antya 19.65
kare does; CC Antya 19.73
kare do; CC Antya 19.80
kare do; CC Antya 19.82
kare does; CC Antya 19.92
kare makes; CC Antya 19.92
kare ghūrṇana bewilders; CC Antya 19.96
kare make; CC Antya 19.97
kare they hanker; CC Antya 19.97
kare andha makes the customers blind; CC Antya 19.98
kare performs; CC Antya 20.22
kāre anyone; CC Antya 20.23
kare does; CC Antya 20.31
kare pralapana speaks like a crazy person; CC Antya 20.38
kare makes; CC Antya 20.48
kare shows; CC Antya 20.49
kare krīḍā performs loving activities; CC Antya 20.50
kare krīḍā performs loving affairs; CC Antya 20.51
kare roṣa shows anger; CC Antya 20.54
kare māna shows pride; CC Antya 20.54
kare does; CC Antya 20.55
kare dveṣe shows envy; CC Antya 20.56
kṛṣṇera kare santoṣe but satisfies Kṛṣṇa; CC Antya 20.56
kare does; CC Antya 20.56
sevā kare renders service; CC Antya 20.60
kare ārohaṇa rises up and up; CC Antya 20.79
ati-kṛpā kare shows me very great favor; CC Antya 20.96-98