karmaṇām of prescribed duties; BG 3.4
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; BG 4.12
karmāṇam whose work; BG 4.19
karmāṇam the fruits of actions; BG 4.41
karmaṇām of all activities; BG 5.1
karmaṇām whose previous activities; BG 7.28
karmaṇām in activities; BG 14.12
karmaṇām of activities; BG 18.2
karmaṇām activities; BG 18.13
puṇya-karmaṇām of the pious; BG 18.71
karmaṇām of work; SB 1.3.8
kṣema-karmaṇām of those who are leaders and protectors of the general mass; SB 2.6.6
karmaṇām according to one's own past deeds; SB 2.10.37-40
karmaṇām of activities; SB 3.13.45
karmaṇām of prescribed duties; SB 3.15.9
karmaṇām of material actions; SB 3.24.17
sarva-karmaṇām all fruitive activities; SB 3.24.40
karmaṇām which work; SB 3.25.32
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; SB 3.32.34-36
karmaṇām of the prescribed duties; SB 4.6.45
sat-karmaṇām of whom the performance of sacrifice; SB 4.7.47
karmaṇām of different activities; SB 4.29.34
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; SB 4.29.76-77
kuśala-karmaṇām engaged in auspicious activities; SB 4.30.19
karmaṇām in fruitive activities; SB 4.30.39-40
karmaṇām and of fruitive activities; SB 4.31.21
uparata-karmaṇām who are no longer interested in fruitive activities; SB 5.5.28
karmaṇām the path of duty; SB 6.5.37
puṇya-śloka-īḍya-karmaṇām whose pious activities are praised by all great souls; SB 6.10.5
karmaṇām of all material activities; SB 7.7.28
guṇa-karmaṇām of the transcendental qualities and activities of the Lord; SB 7.7.30-31
karmaṇām for persons engaged in fighting or any other activities; SB 8.11.7
jugupsita-karmāṇam who was ready to commit such an offensive act; SB 10.1.36
citra-karmaṇām of all of us who have had varieties of reactions to our past karma; SB 10.5.25
anya-karmaṇām of the activities of other persons; SB 10.24.14
karmāṇam whose activities; SB 10.37.9
karmaṇām of duties; SB 10.80.32
karmaṇām whose deeds; SB 10.90.40
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; SB 11.10.17
karmaṇām of material activities; SB 11.19.18
karmaṇām of activities; SB 11.20.1
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; SB 11.20.26
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; SB 11.21.7
nija-karmaṇām of his own past activities; SB 11.23.5
karmaṇām of fruitive activities; SB 11.24.13
karmaṇām of the fruitive reactions; SB 11.27.55
karmaṇām of activities; SB 12.3.29
karmaṇām of the activities; CC Madhya 14.187