kathāḥ narratives; SB 1.1.18
sva-kathāḥ His own words; SB 1.2.17
kṛṣṇa-kathāḥ narration of Lord Kṛṣṇa's activities; SB 1.5.26
sat-kathaḥ the excellent pastimes; SB 1.10.24
śravaṇīya-sat-kathaḥ hearing about Him is worthwhile; SB 1.15.36
kathāḥ topics; SB 1.18.10
kathāḥ topics; SB 2.3.14
kathāḥ topics; SB 2.7.38
kathāḥ narrations; SB 2.8.2
īśa-kathāḥ the science of God; SB 2.10.5
ku-kathāḥ bad words; SB 3.15.23
kathāḥ narrations; SB 3.20.5
kathāḥ the topics; SB 3.22.33
kathāḥ the topics; SB 3.22.35
kathāḥ stories; SB 3.25.23
kathāḥ the stories; SB 3.25.25
bhagavat-kathāḥ preachings pertaining to the activities of the Lord; SB 4.13.5
sat-kathāḥ discussions about transcendental subject matters; SB 4.14.36
kathāḥ words; SB 4.30.35
bhagavat-kathāḥ topics about the relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 4.31.23
kathāḥ the topics; SB 7.1.22
līlā-kathāḥ narrations of the pastimes; SB 7.9.18
kathāḥ messages or instructions; SB 7.10.12
citra-priya-kathaḥ able to speak palatable words that are pleasing to the heart; SB 7.13.19
mahat-kathaḥ famous in history with other exalted personalities; SB 9.7.21
kathāḥ topics; SB 10.16.21
kathāḥ talks; SB 10.47.21
kathaḥ topics about whom; SB 10.47.43
kṛṣṇa-kathāḥ topics of Kṛṣṇa; SB 10.52.20
kathāḥ topics; SB 10.57.35-36
kathāḥ topics; SB 10.65.14
kathāḥ stories; SB 10.70.21
kathāḥ topics; SB 10.80.2
kathāḥ topics; SB 10.80.3
kathāḥ conversation; SB 10.82.16
govinda-kathāḥ topics of Lord Govinda; SB 10.83.5
han-kathāḥ from discussion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Hari; SB 11.5.4
mat-kathāḥ narrations about Me; SB 11.11.23-24
mat-kathāḥ discussions about Me; SB 11.26.28
mat-kathāḥ stories about Me; SB 11.27.44
kathāḥ the narrations; SB 12.3.14
līlā-kathāḥ the pastime narrations; SB 12.4.39
asat-kathāḥ useless discussions of that which is not eternal; SB 12.12.49
kathāḥ talks; CC Adi 1.60
kathāḥ talks; CC Madhya 22.86
kathāḥ talks; CC Madhya 23.16
acyuta-kathāḥ topics of Lord Acyuta; MM 20