kṛpaṇa-vatsalaḥ very kind to the ignorant mass; SB 1.4.24
kṛpaṇa-dhīḥ person of miserly intelligence; SB 3.31.17
kṛpaṇa-suhṛdaḥ the friends of the helpless; SB 5.8.10
kṛpaṇa-jana-vatsalaḥ (the moon) who is very kind to the unhappy men; SB 5.8.24
kṛpaṇa-vacaḥ the words of the poor servants, who were very afraid of being punished; SB 5.10.5
ati-kṛpaṇa-buddhiḥ whose intelligence is dull because he does not properly utilize his assets; SB 5.14.31
kṛpaṇa from a miserly person; SB 6.11.19
kṛpaṇa-vatsala O my Lord, who are so kind to the fallen souls (who have no spiritual knowledge); SB 7.9.16
kṛpaṇa-vatsala O You who are merciful to the materialistic; SB 7.10.15-17
kṛpaṇa-vat like a poor man; SB 8.15.1-2
kṛpaṇa those who are not brāhmaṇas; SB 8.16.56
kṛpaṇa-vat as if a very distressed person; SB 9.10.11
kṛpaṇā completely dependent on you; SB 10.1.45
kṛpaṇā helplessly; SB 10.4.4
kṛpaṇa crippled; SB 10.40.27
kṛpaṇa-pakṣe for those who are wretched; SB 10.47.15
kṛpaṇa miserly; SB 11.17.56
kṛpaṇa-kṛpaṇā the best of misers; CC Antya 17.51
kṛpaṇa-kṛpaṇā the best of misers; CC Antya 17.51