asat-kṛtaḥ dishonored; BG 11.41-42
kṛtaḥ made; SB 1.2.5
sat-kṛtaḥ being well treated; SB 1.13.14
kṛtaḥ performed; SB 1.17.17
adharma-kṛtaḥ one who acts irreligiously; SB 1.17.22
kṛtāḥ established; SB 1.17.24
tiraḥ-kṛtāḥ being defamed; SB 1.18.48
kṛtāḥ done by you; SB 1.19.32
kṛtaḥ made by you; SB 2.1.1
kṛtaḥ have accepted; SB 2.9.30
asat-kṛtaḥ insulted; SB 3.1.14
sva-bhṛtya-artha-kṛtaḥ for the interest of their servants; SB 3.4.25
tat-kṛtaḥ done by the water; SB 3.7.11
abuddhi-kṛtaḥ made foolish; SB 3.10.17
kṛtāḥ done by him; SB 3.10.28-29
kṛtaḥ of the creator; SB 3.12.27
kṛtaḥ while doing so; SB 3.12.52
asat-kṛtāḥ having been disrespected; SB 3.16.4
kṛtaḥ has been done; SB 3.16.16
kṛtaḥ bestowed; SB 3.22.7
kṛtaḥ was done; SB 3.23.54
kṛtaḥ performed; SB 3.23.55
kṛtaḥ applied; SB 3.25.20
kṛtaḥ performing; SB 3.32.20
su-kṛtāḥ results of their pious activities; SB 3.32.21
yat-kṛtaḥ done by whom; SB 4.1.11
cittī-kṛtaḥ fixed in mind; SB 4.1.28
kṛtaḥ done; SB 4.1.30
sat-kṛtaḥ was welcomed; SB 4.2.7
deha-kṛtaḥ of the father; SB 4.3.13
yajña-kṛtaḥ of the performer of the sacrifice (Dakṣa); SB 4.4.7
kṛtaḥ done; SB 4.7.13
sat-kṛtaḥ was honored; SB 4.9.45
kṛtaḥ was made; SB 4.14.9
kṛtaḥ was made; SB 4.14.12
asat-kṛtāḥ being insulted; SB 4.14.30
sat-kṛtāḥ being honored; SB 4.19.41
kṛtaḥ being done; SB 4.21.25
kṛtaḥ done; SB 4.22.42
kṛtāḥ made; SB 4.25.45
kṛtaḥ if done; SB 4.27.24
kṛtāḥ made; SB 4.29.9
tat-kṛtaḥ done by that; SB 4.29.57
kṛtāḥ were made; SB 5.1.31
kṛtaḥ made; SB 5.5.19
kṛtaḥ done; SB 5.10.5
kṛtaḥ made; SB 5.12.9
deva-kṛtaḥ created by the supreme will of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 5.20.13
kṛtaḥ fixed; SB 5.21.13
kṛtaḥ done; SB 6.5.37
kāt-kṛtaḥ mistreated; SB 6.7.11
kṛtāḥ performed; SB 6.10.28
kṛtāḥ again performed; SB 6.10.28
kṛtaḥ made; SB 6.14.55
kṛtaḥ made; SB 6.15.8
aviveka-kṛtaḥ done in ignorance, without mature consideration; SB 6.17.30
kṛtaḥ male; SB 6.17.30
kṛtāḥ were made; SB 6.18.66-67
kṛtaḥ finished; SB 7.2.33
para-kṛtaḥ done by the enemies; SB 7.5.10
kṛtaḥ created; SB 7.5.11
kṛtāḥ achieved; SB 7.7.40
kṛtāḥ made (brought); SB 7.8.50
dhik-kṛtaḥ being condemned; SB 7.8.53
moghāḥ kṛtāḥ kṛtāḥ become baffled again and again; SB 7.13.30
moghāḥ kṛtāḥ kṛtāḥ become baffled again and again; SB 7.13.30
kṛtaḥ conducted; SB 7.15.14
kṛtāḥ created; SB 8.3.22-24
kṛtaḥ made; SB 8.7.30
kṛtaḥ was done; SB 8.11.34
sat-kṛtaḥ being very much applauded; SB 8.12.41
kṛtaḥ has been done by You; SB 8.22.16
kṛtaḥ I did; SB 8.23.2
kṛtaḥ accepted; SB 8.24.50
kṛtaḥ it was so done; SB 9.1.28
kṛtaḥ having been engaged; SB 9.2.3
kṛtāḥ who have been decided upon for acceptance as your son-in-law; SB 9.3.31
kṛtaḥ was excavated; SB 9.8.4
kṛtaḥ made by you; SB 9.10.28
namaḥ-kṛtaḥ was offered obeisances; SB 9.10.39-40
kṛtaḥ Kṛta; SB 9.17.16
īśa-kṛtaḥ arranged by providence; SB 9.18.19
ātma-kṛtaḥ who has given this body; SB 9.18.43
kṛtāḥ done; SB 10.2.39
kṛtāḥ have become; SB 10.7.13-15
anugrahaḥ kṛtaḥ this was a great favor done by him to you; SB 10.10.40
tila-āpaḥ kṛtāḥ become the last ritualistic ceremonial offering of sesame and water; SB 10.12.15
sva-kṛtaḥ own respective duty; SB 10.12.34
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.16.34
kṛtaḥ committed; SB 10.16.51
tat-kṛtāḥ produced by one's connection with the material body; SB 10.27.5
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.30.32
kṛtaḥ created; SB 10.34.14
kṛtaḥ created; SB 10.40.12
kṛtaḥ made; SB 10.43.26-27
puraḥ-kṛtaḥ giving first priority; SB 10.45.45
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.47.27
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.50.9
bhasmī-kṛtaḥ turned to ashes; SB 10.51.33
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.51.54
kṛtaḥ made; SB 10.56.28
kṛtāḥ made; SB 10.58.9
kṛtaḥ made; SB 10.58.42
kṛtaḥ made; SB 10.66.3
kṛtaḥ created; SB 10.66.40
bahiḥ-kṛtaḥ excluded; SB 10.74.35
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.78.27
kṛtaḥ done; SB 10.78.29
sat-kṛtāḥ honored; SB 10.83.2
kṛtaḥ made (into a target); SB 10.83.19
kṛtaḥ of one who creates; SB 10.84.12
kṛtaḥ made; SB 10.84.61
kṛtaḥ made; SB 10.87.49
kṛtaḥ created; SB 10.90.47
sura-kṛtāḥ made by the demigods; SB 11.4.10
yajña-kṛtaḥ the performers of Vedic sacrifices; SB 11.4.22
kṛtāḥ imposed; SB 11.13.33
kṛtaḥ created; SB 11.13.34
kṛtaḥ is established; SB 11.20.26
kṛtaḥ caused; SB 11.22.33
kṛtāḥ are created; SB 11.22.44
kṛtāḥ made; SB 11.23.20
kṛtaḥ created; SB 11.23.59
kṛtaḥ became; SB 11.26.9
kṛtaḥ created; SB 11.26.18
kṛtaḥ done; SB 11.30.39
kṛtāḥ have been made; SB 12.2.44
kṛtāḥ they have been made; SB 12.3.9-13
deha-kṛtaḥ due to the material body; SB 12.5.7
kṛtaḥ Kṛta; SB 12.6.80
kṛtaḥ made; SB 12.8.6
asat-kṛtaḥ insulted; CC Madhya 19.199-200