kṛtam done; BG 1.37-38
kṛtam done; BG 1.37-38
kṛtam was performed; BG 4.15
kṛtam as performed; BG 4.15
su-kṛtam pious activities; BG 5.15
puṇya-kṛtām of those who performed pious activities; BG 6.41
asat-kṛtam without respect; BG 17.22
kṛtam performed; BG 17.28
kṛtam done; BG 18.23
sat-kṛtam due respects; SB 1.1.5
tat-kṛtam rendered by that; SB 1.4.17-18
kṛtam is completed; SB 1.4.25
kṛtam ca reaction; SB 1.7.5
kāla-kṛtam done by inevitable time; SB 1.9.14
tat-kṛtam everything done by Him; SB 1.9.21
kṛtam due to; SB 1.13.45
asat-kṛtām improperly treated; SB 1.14.42
kṛtam performed; SB 1.18.41
kṛtam has been done; SB 1.18.47
ātma-kṛtam done by himself; SB 1.19.1
kṛtam done; SB 1.19.1
tat-kṛtam done by them; SB 2.1.20
kṛtam having been done; SB 2.8.25
kṛtam so accepted; SB 3.1.2
kṛtam the age of Satya; SB 3.11.18
kṛtam performed; SB 3.12.30
ātma-kṛtam done by Me; SB 3.16.4
kṛtam produced; SB 3.20.51
śukla-kṛtam created by Lord Viṣṇu; SB 3.23.23
tat-kṛtam made by that; SB 3.26.7
namaḥ-kṛtam worshipable; SB 3.28.17
sva-kṛtam self-produced; SB 4.7.42
namaḥ-kṛtam offered obeisances; SB 4.9.25
kṛtam was performed; SB 4.11.33
kṛtam was committed; SB 4.13.30
kṛtam did; SB 4.22.50
kṛtam performed; SB 4.23.38
kṛtam you have done; SB 4.24.27
yat-kṛtam which has been made by whom; SB 4.25.33
yat-kṛtam done by intelligence; SB 4.29.5
yat-kṛtam done by the senses; SB 4.29.6
kṛtam the order; SB 5.1.12
kṛtam done; SB 5.1.39
kṛtam done; SB 5.1.40
sākṣāt-kṛtam directly offered; SB 5.5.27
kṛtam done; SB 5.12.10
strī-kṛtam obtained because of His wife; SB 5.19.6
kṛtam the work executed; SB 5.19.23
mantra-kṛtām of those who chant the mantra mentioned above; SB 5.23.9
pāpa-kṛtam performing sin; SB 5.26.26
kṛtam performed; SB 6.2.8
kṛtam performed; SB 6.3.30
kṛtam done; SB 6.5.34
kṛtam the action done; SB 6.7.11
kṛtam done; SB 6.7.21
kṛtam created; SB 6.16.52
kṛtam performed; SB 6.18.20
kṛtam executed; SB 6.19.18
kṛtam forced into this position; SB 7.2.29-31
tat-kṛtam caused by him; SB 7.8.52
pūrva-kṛtam executed in previous births; SB 7.10.39
kṛtam already done; SB 8.1.6
ātma-kṛtam done by yourself; SB 8.7.32
kṛtam mayā is done by Me; SB 8.9.12
sva-kṛtam made by them; SB 8.9.22
kṛtam was done; SB 8.20.20
kṛtam was created; SB 8.22.20
kṛtam was done; SB 8.24.4
kṛtam has been done; SB 9.3.6
kṛtam has been done; SB 9.3.7
kṛtam has been committed; SB 9.4.62
rakṣaḥ-kṛtam having been done by the Rākṣasa only; SB 9.9.23-24
sajjyī-kṛtam fastened the string of the bow; SB 9.10.6-7
kṛtam which had been done; SB 9.15.16
kṛtam which had been performed; SB 9.15.37
kṛtam done; SB 9.18.24
mātāmaha-kṛtām given by your maternal grandfather, Śukrācārya; SB 9.18.39
sva-kṛtam only because of their own acts; SB 10.4.18
sva-kṛtam the fruitive results of one's own deeds; SB 10.4.21
kṛtam done; SB 10.11.55
kāla-antara-kṛtam things done in the past, at a different time (in the kaumāra age); SB 10.12.41
hari-kṛtam was done by Kṛṣṇa; SB 10.12.41
vidhi-kṛtam was executed by Brahmā; SB 10.13.17
ātma-kṛtam done by himself; SB 10.14.8
prakaṭī-kṛtam has been demonstrated; SB 10.14.16
hari-kṛtam performed by Lord Hari; SB 10.14.59
kṛtam created; SB 10.15.5
kṛtam was made; SB 10.17.1
sākṣāt-kṛtam to the directly manifest fruit; SB 10.22.20
kṛtam done; SB 10.25.14
kṛtam performed; SB 10.30.10
kṛtam done; SB 10.30.33
sat-kṛtam signs of respect; SB 10.38.23
kṛtam what has been done; SB 10.38.23
sat-kṛtam who had been honored; SB 10.38.41
kṛtam done; SB 10.39.20
sat-kṛtam honored; SB 10.47.3
kṛtam had been done; SB 10.49.5-6
kṛtam done; SB 10.54.37
kṛtam made; SB 10.56.20
kṛtam created; SB 10.70.27
kṛtam done; SB 10.72.40
bahiḥ-kṛtam ostracized; SB 10.74.36
vṛṣṇi-kṛtam shown by the Vṛṣṇis; SB 10.76.8
kṛtam made; SB 10.76.21
kṛtam done; SB 10.76.32
kṛtam was done; SB 10.80.25-26
kṛtam done; SB 10.81.35
kṛtam done; SB 10.82.36
kṛtam the maker; SB 10.82.39
hṛdī-kṛtam taken into their hearts; SB 10.82.39
kṛtam placed; SB 10.84.26
kṛtām done; SB 10.84.65
kṛtam manifested; SB 10.87.20
kṛtam created; SB 10.87.26
kṛtam a manifestation of the material creation; SB 10.89.50
kṛtam has been done; SB 11.1.18
sat-kṛtam respectfully; SB 11.3.54
kṛtam committed; SB 11.4.8
kṛtam Satya; SB 11.5.20
kṛtam is completed; SB 11.6.28
atīrthī-kṛtam not given to the proper recipient; SB 11.11.19
kṛtam produced; SB 11.13.29
kṛtam Satya-yuga; SB 11.16.28
kṛtam has been done; SB 11.22.25
sviṣṭi-kṛtam the ritual of this name; SB 11.27.38-41
kṛtam created; SB 11.28.6-7
kṛtam magnanimous work; SB 11.29.6
kṛtam has been done; SB 11.30.35
kṛtam this has been done; SB 11.30.36
kṛtam Satya-yuga; SB 12.2.23
kṛtam Satya-yuga; SB 12.2.24
kṛtam the Satya-yuga; SB 12.2.34
kṛtam Satya-yuga; SB 12.2.39
kṛtam was done; SB 12.12.36
kṛtam magnanimous work; CC Adi 1.48
pakṣma-kṛtam the maker of eyelashes; CC Adi 4.153
hṛdī kṛtam who entered the hearts; CC Adi 4.153
ātma-kṛtam done by himself; CC Madhya 6.261
kṛtam magnanimous work; CC Madhya 22.48
kṛtām performed; CC Antya 1.108
ātma-kṛtam done by himself; CC Antya 9.77
kṛtam what is done; CC Antya 17.51
kṛtam done; CC Antya 17.51
catuḥ-kṛtam divided into four parts; Bs 5.5
kṛtam all that has been done by me; Iso 17
kṛtam all that I have done for You; Iso 17