kṛtyam prescribed duties; SB 1.2.2
kṛtyam ought to be done; SB 1.7.58
deva-kṛtyam what was to be done on behalf of the demigods; SB 1.13.50
kṛtyam dutiful; SB 1.19.24
kṛta-kṛtyam had accomplished the object of life; SB 3.20.49
iti-kṛtyam what is necessary to be done; SB 3.23.11
kṛtyam acknowledged by them; SB 4.21.28-29
kṛtyam the regulative function; SB 4.23.22
bandhu-kṛtyam the duty of a friend; SB 4.26.22
kṛtyam activity; SB 5.18.4
kṛta-kṛtyam very satisfied by his activities; SB 8.15.36
kṛtyām a demon; SB 9.4.46
kṛtyām that created demon; SB 9.4.48
ātma-kṛtya-hata-kṛtyam after performing religious rituals required after the death of Jaṭāyu, who died for the Lord's cause; SB 9.10.12
kṛtyam kim what to do; SB 10.12.28
kṛtyam the activities; SB 10.24.4
sva-sādhu-kṛtyam proper compensation; SB 10.32.22
su-kṛtyam required pious activity; SB 10.46.32-33
kṛtyām the manufactured creature; SB 10.66.38
kṛtyam the details of performance; SB 10.71.39
kṛtyam use; SB 11.23.46
sva-sādhu-kṛtyam proper compensation; CC Adi 4.180
sva-sādhu-kṛtyam your own honest activities; CC Madhya 8.93
sva-sādhu-kṛtyam proper compensation; CC Antya 7.44