lava-ātmabhiḥ with insignificant gains; SB 3.13.49
prekṣā-lava-arthaḥ for obtaining a slight favor; SB 3.16.7
kāla-lava-viśeṣān the moments of time; SB 4.29.54
lava-ādi consisting of seconds, moments, minutes and hours; SB 7.3.31
asṛk-lava with spots of blood; SB 7.8.30
lava by the traces; SB 10.61.4
lava of eight forty-fifths of one second; SB 11.2.53
lava by fractions; SB 11.6.18
kṣaṇa-lava-nimeṣa the kṣaṇa, lava and nimeṣa (the smallest fractions of time); SB 12.6.67
nidrā-lava a fraction of sleep; CC Madhya 2.7
lava-mātra even for a moment; CC Madhya 22.54
phelā-lava a particle of the remnants; CC Antya 16.96
lava fragment; CC Antya 16.98
lava small particle; CC Antya 16.131
lava a fraction; CC Antya 16.131