madhya-stha mediators between belligerents; BG 6.9
madhya middle; BG 11.19
madhya without an intermediate stage; SB 2.10.34
madhya in the midst of; SB 4.30.7
aṇḍa-madhya-gataḥ situated in the center of the universe; SB 5.20.43
madhya-gataḥ being situated in the middle; SB 5.21.3
madhya-gena going between the two trees; SB 10.11.4
madhya-gau in the midst; SB 10.34.20
madhya in the midst; SB 10.42.35
madhya in the midst; SB 10.67.5
madhya-gam in the midst; SB 10.67.9-10
madhya-sthaḥ neutral; SB 10.78.17
madhya middle; SB 10.87.50
madhya the middle; SB 12.13.11-12
madhya-mūla the middle root; CC Adi 9.16
madhya middle; CC Adi 13.14
madhya-līlā nāma named the middle pastimes; CC Adi 13.37
madhya the middle; CC Madhya 1.18
madhya-līlā the middle pastimes; CC Madhya 1.20
ādi-līlā madhya-līlā antya-līlā āra therefore there are three periods, namely the ādi-līlā, madhya-līlā and antya-līlā; CC Madhya 1.21
madhya-līlāra of the madhya-līlā; CC Madhya 1.21
madhya-līlāra of the madhya-līlā, the middle portion of His pastimes; CC Madhya 1.248
madhya-līlāra of the middle pastimes; CC Madhya 1.286
madhya-stha as mediator; CC Madhya 5.82
madhya-ahna midday duties; CC Madhya 6.39
madhya-vayasa adolescence; CC Madhya 8.177
madhya in the middle; CC Madhya 8.194
madhya-ahna haila it is already noon; CC Madhya 9.181
madhya-stha hañā becoming a mediator; CC Madhya 10.167
madhya-sthāne sitting in the middle; CC Madhya 11.233
gṛha-madhya within the home; CC Madhya 12.97
gṛha-madhya within the room; CC Madhya 12.100
madhyā intermediate; CC Madhya 14.149
madhyā the intermediate; CC Madhya 14.151
madhya-yamunāte in the river Yamunā; CC Madhya 19.111
madhya-ādibhiḥ middle, etc.; CC Madhya 20.399
madhya-līlāra of this division, known as Madhya-līlā; CC Madhya 25.240
madhya-līlāra krama a chronological list of the pastimes described in the Madhya-līlā of Caitanya-caritāmṛta; CC Madhya 25.242
madhya-līlāra sāra essence of Madhya-līlā; CC Madhya 25.263
madhya-līlā pastimes known as madhya-līlā; CC Antya 1.9
madhya-līlā-madhye within the madhya-līlā chapters; CC Antya 1.10
madhya-ahna karite to execute daily noontime duties; CC Antya 1.60
madhya-ahne calilā left to execute noon duties; CC Antya 1.68
madhya-ahna karite to perform His noontime duties; CC Antya 1.102
madhya-ahna karite to perform His noon duties; CC Antya 4.92
madhya-ahna at noon; CC Antya 4.117
madhya-ahne at noon; CC Antya 4.118