madhyam middle; BG 10.20
madhyam middle; BG 10.32
na madhyam no middle; BG 11.16
madhyam waist; SB 3.20.36
madhyam to the middle; SB 4.4.25
madhyam-dine during the fourth part of the day; SB 6.8.20
madhyam middle; SB 8.1.12
madhyam middle; SB 8.6.10
madhyam between the beginning and the end, the sustenance; SB 8.12.5
madhyam maintenance of the present manifestation; SB 8.17.27
madhyam-dina-gataḥ on the meridian; SB 8.18.6
vayaḥ-madhyam middle age; SB 11.22.47
madhyam the middle; SB 11.24.17