mahat great; BG 1.44
mahat very great; BG 11.23
mahat the total material existence; BG 14.3
mahat yoniḥ source of birth in the material substance; BG 14.4
mahat-sevayā by service rendered to pure devotees; SB 1.2.16
mahat-ādibhiḥ with the ingredients of the material world; SB 1.3.1
mahat-ādibhiḥ with the ingredients of matter; SB 1.3.30
mahat all-perfect; SB 1.3.40
mahat-adbhutam great and wonderful; SB 1.5.3
mahat great; SB 1.6.13
mahat great; SB 1.6.25
mahat great; SB 1.7.11
mahat severely; SB 1.7.31
mahat glorious; SB 1.7.49
mahat astounding; SB 1.15.5
mahat great; SB 1.15.12
mahat-guṇaḥ great qualities; SB 1.16.1
mahat-tama the greatest amongst the living beings; SB 1.18.14
mahat-tama the greatest of all greats; SB 1.18.15
mahat-tamānām of those who are great; SB 1.18.18
mahat-tama great devotees; SB 1.18.19
mahat great; SB 1.18.19
mahat great; SB 1.18.41
mahat-tama of the great souls; SB 1.19.13
mahat-aṃśa-yuktaḥ accompanied by the plenary portion of mahat-tattva; SB 3.2.15
mahat supreme; SB 3.5.27
mahat the great; SB 3.5.29
mahat great; SB 3.7.7
mahat-ādīni the total material energy; SB 3.7.21
mahat great; SB 3.8.2
mahat into a gigantic body; SB 3.13.19
mahat-tattvam the sum total of cosmic intelligence; SB 3.26.19
mahat-ātmakam manifest in the mahat-tattva; SB 3.26.21
mahat-tattvāt from the mahat-tattva; SB 3.26.23-24
mahat-ādīni the mahat-tattva, false ego and five gross elements; SB 3.26.50
mahat thick; SB 3.28.21
mahat-ādīnām of the mahat-tattva and so on; SB 3.29.1-2
mahat-ādīnām beginning with Lord Brahmā; SB 3.29.37
mahat-anugraham the mercy of the Lord; SB 3.31.15
mahat the great; SB 4.2.2
mahat great; SB 4.2.5
mahat-tamāḥ the greatest persons; SB 4.4.12
mahat-vinindā the deriding of great souls; SB 4.4.13
mahat great; SB 4.4.28
mahat great; SB 4.4.29
mahat-ādīnām of the material sum total known as the mahat-tattva; SB 4.8.78
mahat-ādi the mahat-tattva, etc.; SB 4.9.7
mahat-ādi caused by the total material energy, etc.; SB 4.9.13
mahat great; SB 4.12.45
mahat great; SB 4.12.48
mahat great; SB 4.14.8
mahat exalted; SB 4.15.24
mahat great; SB 4.19.31
mahat-tama of the great devotees; SB 4.20.24
mahat of great devotees; SB 4.20.25
mahat-tamaḥ greater than the greatest; SB 4.21.7
mahat great; SB 4.21.38
su-mahat very great; SB 4.23.31
mahat great; SB 4.23.38
su-mahat very great; SB 4.24.20
mahat great soul; SB 4.24.20
mahat great; SB 4.24.79
mahat of great saintly persons; SB 4.29.39-40
mahat to a great personality; SB 4.30.48
mahat-caraṇaḥ the lotus feet of great devotees; SB 5.3.14
mahat-sevām service to the spiritually advanced persons called mahātmās; SB 5.5.2
mahat very great; SB 5.8.15
mahat to great personalities; SB 5.9.19
mahat a great; SB 5.9.20
mahat-vimānāt of insulting a great devotee; SB 5.10.25
mahat of the great devotees; SB 5.12.12
mahat-guṇāḥ good qualities; SB 5.18.12
mahat api although very great and abominable; SB 6.1.13-14
mahat insurmountable; SB 6.1.51
mahat-āścaryam greatly wonderful; SB 6.4.40
su-mahat very great; SB 6.5.3
mahat great; SB 6.5.26
mahat great; SB 6.7.21
mahat āścaryam great wonder; SB 6.12.21
mahat very great; SB 6.14.44
mahat great; SB 6.19.26-28
mahat great; SB 6.19.26-28
mahat very great; SB 7.3.18
mahat-upāsakaḥ being an unalloyed devotee of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 7.4.30
mahat-guṇāḥ exalted transcendental qualities; SB 7.4.34
mahat-sańgaḥ the association of a great person like Nārada; SB 7.6.29-30
mahat the best; SB 7.8.9
mahat very big; SB 7.9.2
mahat-anugrahaḥ compassion by the Supreme; SB 7.9.42
mahat-ādayaḥ the five elements, the senses and the sense objects; SB 7.9.49
mahat by great personalities; SB 7.10.49
mahat-tama-agraṇyaḥ the best of the saintly persons (Yudhiṣṭhira); SB 7.11.1
mahat most exalted; SB 7.14.42
mahat a Vaiṣṇava; SB 7.15.23
mahat-vimṛgya sought by great, great saintly persons (devotees of Kṛṣṇa); SB 7.15.76
mahat very, very great; SB 8.1.12
mahat great; SB 8.1.32
mahat very great; SB 8.7.8
mahat glorious; SB 8.8.10
mahat very great; SB 8.15.1-2
mahat-ākhyānam the great story; SB 8.24.59
mahat-kathaḥ famous in history with other exalted personalities; SB 9.7.21
mahat a great personality; SB 9.8.11
su-mahat very great; SB 9.9.2
mahat very great, exalted; SB 9.20.29
mahat-kṛtena by that action which is considered the most powerful original existence or which is executed by mahājanas; SB 10.2.30
mahat-atikramaḥ trespassing against great personalities; SB 10.4.46
mahat āsīt was quite gigantic; SB 10.6.14
mahat-vicalanam the movement of great personalities; SB 10.8.4
mahat great; SB 10.12.33
mahat-ādibhiḥ headed by the mahat-tattva; SB 10.13.52
mahat the total material energy; SB 10.14.11
mahat of the total material creation, or of the great souls; SB 10.14.58
mahat of great souls; SB 10.15.3
su-mahat very expansive; SB 10.15.21
su-mahat very great; SB 10.15.39
mahat against a great personality; SB 10.35.12-13
su-mahat a very great; SB 10.39.11-12
mahat great; SB 10.41.31
mahat great; SB 10.46.23
mahat large; SB 10.46.43
mahat great; SB 10.50.45
su-mahat huge; SB 10.52.14
mahat large; SB 10.54.51
mahat great; SB 10.55.37
mahat large; SB 10.58.13-14
mahat extensive; SB 10.59.36
mahat great; SB 10.61.27-28
mahat great; SB 10.62.1
mahat great; SB 10.68.24
mahat great; SB 10.69.7-8
mahat mighty; SB 10.76.20
su-mahat very great; SB 10.80.35-36
mahat of the Supreme Lord; SB 10.81.14
mahat of great souls; SB 10.83.3
mahat the total material energy; SB 10.87.17
su-mahat vast; SB 10.89.47
mahat immense; SB 10.89.50
mahat-tamāḥ those best of saints; SB 11.2.32
su-mahat very much; SB 11.6.35
mahat great; SB 11.9.6
mahat-tamaḥ great saints; SB 11.12.7
mahat-tattva of the total material energy; SB 11.15.11
mahat glorious; SB 11.18.10
mahat great; SB 11.18.23
mahat by great souls; SB 11.19.8
mahat greatly; SB 11.23.4
mahat the mahat-tattva; SB 12.4.20-21
mahat of great; SB 12.7.9-10
mahat-sraṣṭā the creator of the total material energy; CC Adi 5.56
mahat the total material energy; CC Adi 5.72
mahat-ādibhiḥ by the total material energy etc.; CC Adi 5.84
mahat-anubhava the conception of great souls; CC Adi 6.54
mahat-guṇāḥ high qualities; CC Adi 8.58
mahat-vicalanam the wandering of saintly persons; CC Madhya 8.40
mahat of great souls; CC Madhya 15.270
mahat padam the supreme abode; CC Madhya 20.258
mahat-ādibhiḥ with the material energy, etc.; CC Madhya 20.266
mahat-tattvam the total material energy; CC Madhya 20.274
mahat-tattva haite from the total material energy; CC Madhya 20.276
mahat-sraṣṭā the creator of the mahat-tattva, or total material energy; CC Madhya 20.278
mahat-tamāḥ most exalted devotees; CC Madhya 20.373
mahat-kṛpā the mercy of great devotees; CC Madhya 22.51
mahat-pāda-rajaḥ of the dust of the lotus feet of a mahātmā; CC Madhya 22.52
mahat-guṇāḥ the high qualities; CC Madhya 22.76
mahat-sevām the service of the pure devotee spiritual master; CC Madhya 22.82
mahat-ākhyānam the great epic description; CC Madhya 24.117
mahat the greatest; CC Madhya 25.37
mahat of great souls; CC Madhya 25.84
mahat-aparādhera of a great offense at the feet of the exalted devotee; CC Antya 3.145
mahat of an exalted personality; CC Antya 8.32
mahat padam the superexcellent station; Bs 5.2
mahat great; Bs 5.3
mahat the faculty of perverted cognition; Bs 5.8
mahat of great souls; NBS 38
mahat of great souls; NBS 39