mamatā-ākulaḥ too much affected by attachment to family; SB 4.28.5
mamatā-āspadāḥ false seats or abodes of intimate relationship ("mineness"); SB 7.7.44
mamatā everything belonging to the material body is mine; SB 7.12.29-30
mamatā-ālambi for that which one identifies with as his possessions; SB 10.14.51
mamatā of possessiveness; SB 10.14.53
mamatā by the sense of possession; SB 12.3.7
mamatā-gandha-hīna not even the smallest quantity of intimacy; CC Madhya 19.218
mamatā intimacy; CC Madhya 19.225
mamatā-adhikye on account of greater intimacy; CC Madhya 19.227
mamatā-adhikya increase of intimacy; CC Madhya 19.231
ananya-mamatā having a sense of relationships with no others; CC Madhya 23.8
mamatā the sense of ownership; CC Madhya 23.8
mamatā affection; CC Antya 4.171