mańgalam welfare; SB 1.2.5
mańgalam auspicious; SB 1.12.13
su-mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 2.6.36
parama-mańgalam the highest good fortune; SB 4.1.54-55
loka-mańgalam auspicious for everyone; SB 4.6.35
mańgalam good fortune; SB 4.22.7
mańgalam auspicious; SB 4.24.31
mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 6.2.34
jagat-mańgalam the most auspicious performance within this material world; SB 6.3.31
mańgala-mańgalam personification of the topmost religious principle; SB 6.17.13
mańgalam auspicious; SB 6.18.78
jagat-mańgalam for the auspiciousness of the whole world; SB 7.8.49
su-mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 8.3.7
su-mańgalam and very auspicious (to hear); SB 8.3.20-21
śīla-mańgalam good behavior or auspiciousness; SB 8.8.22
mańgalām full of auspiciousness; SB 8.15.20
su-mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 8.18.28
su-mańgalam for the purpose of their auspicious departure; SB 10.1.33
jagat-mańgalam auspiciousness for all living entities in all the universes of the creation; SB 10.2.18
śravaṇa-mańgalam giving spiritual benefit when heard; SB 10.31.9
mańgalam auspicious; SB 10.31.10
viśva-mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 10.31.18
mańgalam happiness; SB 10.34.23
aśeṣa-mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 10.38.13
mańgalam auspicious mantras; SB 10.53.10
kautuka-mańgalām the ceremony of putting on the auspicious marriage necklace; SB 10.53.11
mańgalam auspicious rituals; SB 10.56.10
su-mańgalam most auspicious; SB 10.57.42
su-mańgalam very auspicious; SB 11.1.10
parama-mańgalam supremely auspicious; SB 11.6.44
dhyāna-mańgalam the auspicious object of meditation; SB 11.14.36-42
su-mańgalam all-auspicious; SB 11.30.28-32
mańgalam the auspicious object; SB 11.31.6
mańgalam the most auspicious; SB 11.31.24
mańgalam auspicious; SB 12.12.49
śravaṇa-mańgalam giving all spiritual benefit to anyone who hears; CC Madhya 14.13
jagat-mańgalam auspicious for the whole world; CC Antya 3.181