martya-lokam to the mortal earth; BG 9.21
martya in this mortal world; SB 3.1.42
martya mortal world; SB 3.2.12
martya-lokam mortal world; SB 3.4.26
martya-ādibhiḥ by men, etc.; SB 4.9.13
martya as a human being; SB 5.19.5
martya-śikṣaṇam for teaching all the living entities, especially human beings; SB 5.19.5
martya-ādiṣu through ordinary human beings and other living entities; SB 7.14.18
martya-asat-dhīḥ considers the spiritual master to be like an ordinary human being and maintains such an unfavorable attitude; SB 7.15.26
martya human being; SB 8.3.22-24
martya-ādayaḥ the human beings and others; SB 8.12.10
martya-lińgena by taking birth like a human child; SB 10.3.44
martya-lińgam appearing as a human being; SB 10.9.13-14
martya-padavīm the way of mortals; SB 10.16.23
martya-ātmānaḥ falsely identifying themselves with the material body; SB 10.23.10-11
martya humans; SB 10.33.33
martya human; SB 10.46.32-33
martya human beings; SB 10.50.29
martya-dharmaiḥ by the laws of mortality; SB 10.50.54
martya the mortal body; SB 10.51.47
martya and humans; SB 10.54.8
martyā mortal; SB 10.60.42
martya as mortal (the material body); SB 10.85.19
martya always leading to death; SB 11.10.27-29
martya-loke in human society; SB 11.17.3-4
martya-buddhyā with the idea of his being an ordinary man; SB 11.17.27
martya-ādīnām of ordinary mortal humans and other beings; SB 11.24.12
martya-dharmiṇaḥ subject to the laws of birth and death; SB 12.3.9-13
martya human beings; SB 12.7.14
martya of the mortal world; SB 12.12.42-43
martya-buddhyā with the idea of his being an ordinary man; CC Adi 1.46
svarga-martya in heaven, the sky and the land; CC Adi 7.159
martya-jana a person of this world; CC Madhya 2.79
svarga-martya the upper and lower planetary systems; CC Madhya 12.198
martya-lińgam manifested as if perishable; CC Madhya 19.205
martya-līlā pastimes in the material world; CC Madhya 21.100
svarga-martya bhari' overwhelming all the universe; CC Madhya 25.65