gṛha-medhinām of the householders; SB 1.4.8
gṛha-medhinām of the householders; SB 1.19.39
gṛha-medhinām of persons too materially engrossed; SB 2.1.2
gṛha-medhinām of the materialistic householders; SB 3.32.4
gṛha-medhinām of the householders; SB 5.4.8
gṛha-medhinām although situated with a wife and children; SB 6.5.42
gṛha-medhinām who are interested in householder life; SB 7.5.51
gṛha-medhinām who are attached to household ritual duties; SB 10.41.13
gṛha-medhinām for worldly householders; SB 10.60.31
gṛha-medhinām for householders; SB 10.69.41
gṛha-medhinam from the religious householder; SB 10.72.17
gṛha-medhinām of those in the household order of life; SB 10.90.29
gṛha-medhinam the materialistic householder; SB 11.7.72
gṛha-medhinām of those dedicated to material family life; SB 11.8.16