māyā-mohita captivated by the illusory energy; SB 1.7.24
mohita bewildered; SB 2.6.37
mohita bewildered; SB 4.17.36
mohitā being attracted by him; SB 4.25.32
kāma-mohitā being illusioned by lust; SB 4.27.21
mohitā bewildered; SB 6.18.60
mohita has been bewildered; SB 9.8.22
mat-māyā-mohita-itare different from those who were mystified by my illusory potency; SB 10.13.42
māyā-mohita bewildered by illusion; SB 10.14.44
mohita bewildered; SB 10.23.50
sva-mayā-mohita-ātmanām of those whose minds have been bewildered by His illusory potency; SB 10.23.51
mohita bewildered; SB 10.63.40
mohitā bewildered; SB 10.85.54
mohita bewildered; SB 11.14.9
mohita astonished; CC Madhya 21.24