muktaḥ liberated; BG 5.27-28
muktaḥ freed; BG 12.15
muktaḥ being liberated; BG 18.71
muktaḥ a liberated person; SB 5.1.16
muktaḥ liberated; SB 5.5.9
muktaḥ liberated; SB 5.14.24
muktaḥ released; SB 7.5.45
hasta-muktaḥ freed from the clutches of the Lord; SB 7.8.27
muktaḥ was delivered; SB 8.4.3-4
muktaḥ released; SB 8.11.36
muktaḥ thus released; SB 8.23.3
muktaḥ released; SB 9.3.9
muktaḥ being freed; SB 9.5.13
dvandvaiḥ muktāḥ they were all freed from the duality of the material world; SB 9.13.27
muktaḥ released; SB 9.15.22
muktaḥ liberated; SB 10.10.15
muktaḥ was delivered; SB 10.11.24
muktaḥ free; SB 10.14.23
muktaḥ freed; SB 10.16.64
muktaḥ freed; SB 10.17.17
indra-muktaḥ released by King Indra; SB 10.36.10
muktaḥ freed; SB 10.46.16
muktaḥ freed; SB 10.50.32-33
muktāḥ freed; SB 10.65.8
muktaḥ freed; SB 10.84.40
muktāḥ free; SB 11.2.23
muktaḥ free; SB 11.7.29
muktaḥ liberated; SB 11.7.32
nitya-muktaḥ eternally liberated; SB 11.10.36-37
muktaḥ liberated; SB 11.11.1
muktaḥ liberated; SB 11.11.7
muktaḥ freed; SB 11.17.49
muktaḥ a liberated soul; SB 11.17.54
muktaḥ liberated; SB 11.25.35
muktaḥ liberated; CC Madhya 17.133
muktaḥ liberated; CC Madhya 19.120
muktaḥ liberated; CC Madhya 23.108
muktāḥ liberated; CC Madhya 24.112
muktāḥ liberated; CC Madhya 24.144
jīvat-muktāḥ persons liberated during this life; CC Madhya 25.76
muktāḥ liberated; CC Madhya 25.156