mahā-muni the great sage (Vyāsadeva); SB 1.1.2
muni-varya by yourself, the great sage; SB 1.5.9
muni-sattama O great sage; SB 1.6.4
muni-śreṣṭha O chief amongst the munis; SB 1.8.12
muni-gaṇa the great learned sages; SB 1.9.41
muni-sat-tamaḥ the greatest among the devotee philosophers; SB 1.13.40
muni-vrataḥ with the vows of a sage; SB 1.19.7
muni-pradhānaḥ the chief amongst the sages; SB 3.7.42
muni-śreṣṭha O chief among the sages; SB 3.14.2
muni-varam from the best of sages; SB 3.22.26-27
muni-kṛte for the good of the sages; SB 3.28.32
muni great sages; SB 4.1.22
muni by the sages; SB 4.16.1
muni great sages; SB 4.24.12
muni-vratāḥ just take the vow of the great sages, the vow of silence; SB 4.24.71
muni-vrataiḥ like the great sages; SB 4.25.19
muni-vat like a sage; SB 4.25.28
muni-gaṇaiḥ and by great sages; SB 5.1.8
muni-varya O best of munis; SB 5.2.7
muni-gaṇa-dayitam which is dear to the great saintly residents; SB 5.8.30
muni-varaḥ great sage Jaḍa Bharata; SB 5.10.14
muni and of great sages; SB 5.25.7
muni-sattamāḥ O best of the sages; SB 6.4.3
muni by sages; SB 6.5.3
muni-varam the best of all the sages; SB 6.7.2-8
muni-gaṇaiḥ by the saintly persons; SB 6.10.13-14
muni-saṃsadi in the presence of great saintly persons; SB 6.17.4-5
muni-sammatān which are recognized by great munis, philosophers and saintly persons; SB 7.12.17
muni-annam foodstuffs prepared with ghee and suitable to be eaten by great saintly persons; SB 7.15.5
muni-annaiḥ by preparations made with ghee for saintly persons; SB 7.15.7
muni-annena with food (prepared in ghee and offered to the Supreme Lord); SB 7.15.11
muni-gaṇāḥ all the sages; SB 8.11.40
muni-priyam which is approved by the great sages; SB 9.2.10
muni-kopa by the anger of Kapila Muni; SB 9.8.12
muni-sattamāḥ all the great sages gathered there; SB 9.13.7
muni-sattama O best of all munis, king of the munis (Śukadeva Gosvāmī); SB 10.1.2
muni-gaṇāḥ great sages; SB 10.15.6
muni-cāraṇa the sages and the Cāraṇas; SB 10.16.27
muni renunciant sages; SB 10.20.49
muni of silence; SB 10.53.50
muni of sages; SB 10.57.31
muni-indrāṇām and great sages; SB 10.67.27
muni of sages; SB 10.78.37
muni of the sage (Vyāsadeva); SB 10.89.20
muni of the sages; SB 11.2.23
munī to the Lord's incarnation as the two sages; SB 12.8.39
muñi I am; CC Adi 1.40
vyāsa-muni Vyāsadeva; CC Adi 1.67
mahā-muni by the great sage (Vyāsadeva); CC Adi 1.91
muni the sage; CC Adi 3.47
muñi I; CC Adi 4.151
bharata-muni the saintly person named Bharata Muni; CC Adi 4.257
muñi I; CC Adi 5.134
muñi I; CC Adi 5.180
muñi I; CC Adi 5.197
muñi I; CC Adi 5.205
muñi I am; CC Adi 5.205
muñi I; CC Adi 6.45
muñi I; CC Adi 6.80
muñi I; CC Adi 6.86
caitanyera dāsa muñi I am a servant of Caitanya Mahāprabhu; CC Adi 6.86
muñi I am; CC Adi 6.93
muñi I; CC Adi 6.93
muñi I; CC Adi 7.54
muñi I; CC Adi 8.83
muñi nācoń let me dance; CC Adi 10.19
muñi I; CC Adi 13.83
muni great saintly person; CC Adi 14.86
muñi I; CC Adi 16.103
muñi I (am); CC Adi 17.49
muñi I; CC Adi 17.62
muñi I; CC Adi 17.130
muni sages; CC Adi 17.158
muni-gaṇa sages; CC Adi 17.161
muñi I; CC Adi 17.189
muñi I; CC Adi 17.191
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.39
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.62
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.63
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.169
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.170
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.171
muñi I; CC Madhya 3.195
muñi I; CC Madhya 4.45
muñi I; CC Madhya 5.66
muñi I; CC Madhya 5.66
muñi I; CC Madhya 5.67
muñi I; CC Madhya 5.104
muñi I; CC Madhya 6.39
muñi I; CC Madhya 6.200
muñi I; CC Madhya 6.230
muñi I; CC Madhya 6.230
muñi I; CC Madhya 7.10
muñi I; CC Madhya 8.35
muñi I; CC Madhya 8.268
muñi I; CC Madhya 10.124
muñi I; CC Madhya 10.125
muñi I; CC Madhya 10.134
muñi I; CC Madhya 10.175
muñi I; CC Madhya 11.156
muñi I; CC Madhya 11.165
muñi I; CC Madhya 11.188
muñi I; CC Madhya 12.20
muñi I; CC Madhya 12.161
muñi I; CC Madhya 13.149
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.52
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.53
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.58
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.149
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.163
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.243
muñi I; CC Madhya 15.293
muñi I; CC Madhya 16.235
muñi I; CC Madhya 17.77
muñi I; CC Madhya 17.78
muñi I; CC Madhya 18.86
muñi I; CC Madhya 18.87
muñi I; CC Madhya 18.201
muñi I; CC Madhya 18.202
muñi I; CC Madhya 18.224
muñi I; CC Madhya 19.67
muñi I; CC Madhya 19.239
muñi I; CC Madhya 19.239
muñi I; CC Madhya 20.351
muni the great sage Mahāmuni Vyāsadeva; CC Madhya 20.354
muni-gaṇa the great sages; CC Madhya 20.356
muni-gaṇa the great saintly persons like Vyāsadeva; CC Madhya 20.362
muñi I; CC Madhya 21.25
muñi myself; CC Madhya 21.25
muni-gaṇa all saintly persons; CC Madhya 22.5
deva-muni-indra-guhyam difficult to achieve even for great demigods, saintly persons and kings; CC Madhya 22.42
muñi I; CC Madhya 23.120
muñi I; CC Madhya 23.123
muni the word muni; CC Madhya 24.14
muni-śabde by the word muni; CC Madhya 24.15
muni they are called muni; CC Madhya 24.15
mahā-muni by the great sage (Vyāsadeva); CC Madhya 24.100
śaunaka-ādi muni-gaṇa the great sages headed by Śaunaka Muni; CC Madhya 24.126
muni muni; CC Madhya 24.162
mahā-muni hañā becoming great saintly persons; CC Madhya 24.167
muni-śabde by the word muni; CC Madhya 24.175
muni-gaṇāḥ great saintly persons; CC Madhya 24.177
muni-gaṇa philosophers; CC Madhya 24.187
sanaka-ādi saba muni-jana all the great personalities, such as Sanaka and Sanātana; CC Madhya 24.203
deva-muni-indra-guhyam difficult to achieve even for great demigods, saintly persons and kings; CC Madhya 24.219
muni saintly persons; CC Madhya 24.224
muñi I; CC Madhya 24.253
parvata-mahā-muni the great sage Parvata Muni; CC Madhya 24.277
muni muni; CC Madhya 24.293
muñi I; CC Madhya 24.325
mahā-muni by the great sage (Vyāsadeva); CC Madhya 25.149
muñi I; CC Madhya 25.272
muñi I; CC Antya 1.173
muñi I; CC Antya 2.132
muñi I; CC Antya 3.132
muñi I; CC Antya 4.75
deva-muni-gaṇa the demigods and great saintly persons; CC Antya 4.129-130
āinu muñi I came; CC Antya 4.151
muñi I; CC Antya 4.152
muñi I; CC Antya 4.185
muñi I; CC Antya 4.236
muñi I; CC Antya 5.5
muñi I; CC Antya 5.139
muñi I; CC Antya 6.232
muñi I; CC Antya 8.25
muni-gaṇa great sages; CC Antya 9.10
muñi I; CC Antya 9.39
rata muñi I am fully engaged; CC Antya 11.27
muñi' I am; CC Antya 12.57
muñi I; CC Antya 12.94
muñi la-imu I shall take; CC Antya 12.129
muñi I; CC Antya 15.79
muñi I; CC Antya 20.151
muni-puńgavānām of the foremost jñānīs; Bs 5.34
muni-vṛnda by all the sages; MM 7
muni of sages; MM 32