nārakāḥ one who is suffering hellish conditions; SB 2.10.41
nārakāḥ those condemned to hell; SB 3.14.43
narakaḥ hell; SB 3.30.29
narakāḥ the hellish planets; SB 5.20.45
narakāḥ the hellish regions; SB 5.26.4
narakāḥ hellish planets; SB 5.26.7
narakāḥ the many hells; SB 5.26.37
narakāḥ hells; SB 6.1.3
narakaḥ hell; SB 6.17.20
nārakaḥ api even a person fit for going to hell; SB 9.4.62
narakaḥ Naraka; SB 10.36.36
narakaḥ Bhauma; SB 10.59.14
narakaḥ Naraka (Bhauma); SB 10.59.17-19
rāvaṇaḥ narakaḥ Rāvaṇa and Naraka; SB 10.73.20
narakaḥ hell; SB 11.19.28-32
narakaḥ hell; SB 11.19.40-45