naṣṭa having lost; BG 16.9
naṣṭa destroyed; SB 1.2.18
naṣṭa-dṛśām of persons who have lost their sight; SB 1.3.43
naṣṭa abolished; SB 1.18.44
naṣṭa-cakṣuṣaḥ those who have lost their vision; SB 3.7.40
naṣṭa lost; SB 3.17.6
naṣṭa having disappeared; SB 3.19.19
naṣṭa-vat as lost; SB 3.27.15
naṣṭa-vittaḥ one who has lost his fortune; SB 3.27.15
naṣṭa lost; SB 3.31.15
naṣṭa-śaucāya being devoid of all cleanliness; SB 4.2.16
naṣṭa-śaucāḥ cleanliness being abandoned; SB 4.2.29
naṣṭa-dṛṣṭīnām who have lost their goal of life; SB 4.21.51
naṣṭa-prajñaḥ bereft of all intelligence; SB 4.26.8
naṣṭa-śrīḥ bereft of all beauty; SB 4.28.6
naṣṭa-prajñaḥ bereft of intelligence; SB 4.28.6
naṣṭa-smṛtiḥ bereft of all intelligence; SB 4.28.27
naṣṭa-dṛśam one who is already bereft of his transcendental sight; SB 5.5.15
naṣṭa-dṛṣṭiḥ who have lost sight; SB 5.5.16
naṣṭa-draviṇaḥ who has lost his riches; SB 5.8.15
naṣṭa lost; SB 5.26.9
naṣṭa lost; SB 5.26.9
naṣṭa lost; SB 5.26.23
naṣṭa-sat-ācāraḥ who lost all brahminical qualities; SB 6.1.21
naṣṭa lost; SB 6.1.49
vidveṣa-naṣṭa-matayaḥ whose intelligence was lost in envy; SB 6.14.43
naṣṭa lost; SB 6.14.61
naṣṭa devoid of; SB 7.15.72
naṣṭa lost; SB 8.19.40
naṣṭa-śriyam unto Bali Mahārāja, who had lost his bodily luster; SB 8.21.28
naṣṭā lost; SB 9.14.29
naṣṭa-smṛtiḥ having gotten rid of the memory of seeing the universal form within Kṛṣṇa's mouth; SB 10.8.44
naṣṭa-samāḥ without life; SB 10.12.15
naṣṭa having lost; SB 10.17.19
naṣṭa-ājīvyāḥ having lost their livelihood; SB 10.19.4
naṣṭa destroyed; SB 10.27.3
naṣṭa destroyed; SB 10.36.35
naṣṭa lost; SB 10.45.50
naṣṭa lost; SB 10.54.10
naṣṭa lost; SB 10.73.12-13
naṣṭa ruined; SB 10.74.38
naṣṭa-prāyam virtually annihilated; SB 11.6.26-27
naṣṭa-mańgalaḥ bereft of all auspiciousness or piety; SB 11.7.4
naṣṭa is ruined; SB 11.8.8
naṣṭā lost; SB 11.14.3
naṣṭa-rāyaḥ his wealth lost; SB 11.23.13
naṣṭa-draviṇe his wealth having been destroyed; SB 11.23.58
naṣṭa-cetanaḥ having lost his consciousness; SB 11.28.3
naṣṭa destroyed; SB 11.29.24
naṣṭa-gotrāṇām who had no remaining immediate family members; SB 11.31.22
naṣṭa spoiled; CC Adi 12.15
naṣṭa kaila spoiled; CC Adi 17.210
naṣṭa-kuṣṭham cured the leprosy; CC Madhya 7.1
naṣṭa haya becomes destroyed; CC Madhya 15.173
naṣṭa destroyed; CC Madhya 24.181
naṣṭa-dṛśām of persons who have lost their spiritual vision; CC Madhya 24.321