avani-pāla of warrior kings; BG 11.26-27
gṛha-pāla-vat like a household dog; SB 1.13.23
pala of the scale of weight; SB 3.11.9
akhila-loka-pāla-lalāmaḥ the head of all kings and monarchs of the universe; SB 5.6.6
śaraṇya-pāla O supreme maintainer of those who need to be sheltered; SB 7.8.43
akhila-loka-pāla all the directors of departments of material activities; SB 8.7.31
loka-pāla-arpitaiḥ offered by the princely order; SB 9.10.33
nāka-pāla of heavenly demigods; SB 9.11.21
vasu-pāla of earthly kings; SB 9.11.21
loka-pāla-ākhyam known as the ruler of all the lokas, or planets; SB 9.20.33
vatsa-pāla-miṣeṇa with the forms of cowherd boys and calves; SB 10.13.27
paśu-pāla as cowherds; SB 10.15.1
saha-paśu-pāla-balaḥ in the company of the cowherd boys and Lord Balarāma; SB 10.21.2
paśu-pāla of the cowherd boys; SB 10.21.8
pāla the cowherds; SB 10.26.25
loka-pāla of the controlling deity of the (ocean) planet, Varuṇa; SB 10.28.10
pāla and protectors; SB 10.37.26
pāla who maintain; SB 10.38.13
pāla by the superintendents; SB 10.38.25
pāla like the rulers; SB 10.60.10
pāla from the ruling demigods; SB 10.72.10
praṇata-pāla O protector of all who simply offer respects to You; SB 11.5.33
vatsa-pāla of the calves and cowherd boys; SB 12.12.28-29
paśu-pālā of the cowherd women; CC Adi 4.51
pala dui-tina a few drops of; CC Adi 10.98
pala-paitṛkam an offering of oblations of flesh to the forefathers; CC Adi 17.164
ghaṭī-kṣaṇa-pala seconds, moments and hours; CC Madhya 2.38
bhū-pāla O King; CC Madhya 6.156
pāṇḍā-pāla the priests and attendants; CC Madhya 9.347
mṛgī-pāla flocks of deer; CC Madhya 17.197
bhū-pāla O King; CC Madhya 20.115
pala palas; CC Madhya 20.388
ṣaṣṭi-pala sixty palas; CC Madhya 20.389
cira-loka-pāla permanent governors of the worlds; CC Madhya 21.58
dvāra-pāla the doorman; CC Madhya 21.59
dik-pāla the governors of the directions; CC Madhya 21.93-94
cira-loka-pāla permanent governors of the universe; CC Madhya 21.93-94
paśu-pāla-pańkaja-dṛśaḥ the gopīs who are always dependent on Kṛṣṇa, the cowherd boy; NoI 10