uda-pāne in a well of water; BG 2.46
pāne in drinking; CC Adi 6.107
pāne toward; CC Madhya 7.92
madhu-pāne in drinking the honey; CC Madhya 12.214
pāne towards; CC Madhya 20.82
māyā-pāne toward māyā; CC Madhya 20.272
pāne drinking; CC Madhya 21.132
khāya yadi anna-pāne if one eats only ordinary food grains; CC Madhya 25.278
eka-bindu-pāne if one drinks one drop; CC Madhya 25.278
pāne drinking; CC Antya 20.151
pāṇe O You who hold in Your hand; MM 28-29