parama-iṣu-āsaḥ the great archer; BG 1.16-18
parama-ātmā the Supersoul; BG 6.7
parama-īśvara O Supreme Lord; BG 11.3
parama-ātmā the Supersoul; BG 13.23
parama-īśvaram the Supersoul; BG 13.28
parama beyond material nature; BG 13.32
parama the supreme; BG 15.17
parama-ṛṣibhiḥ by great sages; SB 1.3.42
parama supreme; SB 1.7.7
parama very much; SB 1.7.26
parama-adbhute decorative; SB 1.10.18
parama supremely; SB 1.13.17
parama-ānandam transcendental pleasure; SB 1.14.35-36
parama-ṛṣibhiḥ by the great sages; SB 1.16.8
parama extremely; SB 1.16.13-15
pārama-haṃsyam the highest stage of perfection; SB 1.18.22
parama-āyaṇe in the transcendental generating center; SB 2.6.2
parama extremely; SB 2.9.31
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supersoul; SB 3.4.33
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supersoul; SB 3.6.8
parama O Supreme; SB 3.9.3
parama-aṇuḥ atoms; SB 3.11.1
parama the supreme; SB 3.11.2
parama-aṇuḥ atomic; SB 3.11.4
parama-aṇutām the space of an atom; SB 3.11.4
parama-aṇu atoms; SB 3.11.5
parama-āyuḥ duration of life; SB 3.11.12
parama-aṇu-ādinā along with the atoms; SB 3.11.13
parama-āyuḥ duration of life; SB 3.11.33
parama-aṇu atom; SB 3.11.39
parama-aṇu-vat like atoms; SB 3.11.41
parama the highest; SB 3.16.21
parama-ātman O Supreme Lord; SB 3.20.26
parama most; SB 3.21.1
tat-pārama-arthikam the true nature of them; SB 3.29.1-2
parama-ātmanaḥ of Paramātmā; SB 3.29.36
parama-ātmā Paramātmā; SB 3.32.26
parama-mańgalam the highest good fortune; SB 4.1.54-55
parama-ṛṣayaḥ the great sages; SB 4.2.4
parama O great one; SB 4.7.14
parama-ātmani the Supersoul; SB 4.7.52
parama O Supreme; SB 4.9.13
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 4.11.16
parama very much; SB 4.15.2
parama-udārāḥ very magnanimous persons; SB 4.15.25
parama the topmost; SB 4.19.10
parama-ṛṣayaḥ the great sages; SB 4.19.18
parama-ātmānam the most beloved Supersoul; SB 4.24.7
parama-haṃsāya unto the supreme perfect; SB 4.24.36
parama-ātman O Supersoul; SB 4.24.68
parama-ātmanaḥ the Supersoul of everyone; SB 4.24.79
parama supreme; SB 4.28.43
parama-īśvaram the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 4.29.42-44
parama supreme; SB 5.1.6
parama-artha transcendental subject matter; SB 5.1.6
parama-ṛṣayaḥ the great sages; SB 5.1.27
parama supreme; SB 5.1.27
parama O Supreme Lord; SB 5.3.6
parama-parama-puruṣa O Lord of lords; SB 5.3.9
parama-parama-puruṣa O Lord of lords; SB 5.3.9
parama-mańgala supreme bliss; SB 5.3.11
parama-ṛṣibhiḥ by the great ṛṣis; SB 5.3.20
parama-suhṛt everyone's sublime well-wisher; SB 5.5.28
parama-bhāgavatam a topmost devotee of the Lord; SB 5.5.28
parama supreme; SB 5.5.35
parama the supreme; SB 5.6.16
parama foremost; SB 5.6.16
parama-puruṣa-artham the best of all human achievements; SB 5.6.17
parama highest; SB 5.7.12
parama-bhāgavatam the most exalted devotee; SB 5.9.1-2
parama-haṃsānām of the most liberated persons; SB 5.9.20
parama-aṇavaḥ atomic particles; SB 5.12.9
parama-artham giving the ultimate goal of life; SB 5.12.11
parama-kāruṇikatayā by his quality of being very kind to the fallen souls; SB 5.13.24
parama-puruṣa-ārādhana-lakṣaṇaḥ whose symptoms are worship of the Supreme Lord by performance of sacrifices and so on; SB 5.14.2
parama-artha-lakṣaṇena with spiritual symptoms; SB 5.15.7
parama-bhāgavataḥ the most exalted devotee; SB 5.17.2
parama-ādareṇa with great reverence; SB 5.17.2
parama highest; SB 5.18.17
parama-bhāgavataḥ the great devotee celebrated throughout the universe; SB 5.19.1
parama-kalyāṇīm most auspicious; SB 5.19.2
parama-bhakti-bhāvena in greatly ecstatic loving service to the Lord; SB 5.19.10
paramahaṃsa-parama-gurave the most exalted spiritual master of all paramahaṃsas, liberated persons; SB 5.19.11
parama-ātmani unto the Supreme Soul; SB 5.19.20
parama-kalyāṇa-yaśasaḥ whose glories are so auspicious; SB 5.20.20
parama sublime; SB 5.20.27
parama-mahā-puruṣaḥ the foremost master of all kinds of opulence, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 5.20.40
parama-ātmani the supreme regulator; SB 5.24.19
parama-ādara with great respect; SB 5.24.19
parama-ācāryam the most exalted ācārya, spiritual master; SB 6.7.2-8
parama-dāruṇaḥ very fearful; SB 6.9.18
parama-mańgala the most auspicious; SB 6.9.33
parama-kalyāṇa the supreme benediction; SB 6.9.33
parama-kāruṇika the supremely merciful; SB 6.9.33
parama-bhāgavatāḥ great, exalted devotees; SB 6.9.39
parama-guroḥ the supreme spiritual master; SB 6.9.43
parama-dāruṇaḥ very fearful; SB 6.10.16
parama-ānanda-mūrtaye full of transcendental bliss; SB 6.16.18-19
parama topmost; SB 6.16.25
parama-aṇu of the atomic particle; SB 6.16.36
parama-mahatoḥ and of the biggest (the result of the combination of atoms); SB 6.16.36
parama O Supreme Personality of Godhead; SB 6.16.39
parama-guroḥ to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme master; SB 6.16.46
parama-haṃsāya unto the supreme pure; SB 6.16.47
parama-prītaḥ being very pleased; SB 6.18.31
parama-āścaryam great wonder; SB 6.18.73
parama most; SB 7.3.2
parama-adbhutāḥ very qualified and wonderful; SB 7.4.30
parama-īśvaraḥ the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the supreme ruler; SB 7.6.20-23
parama O Supreme; SB 7.8.42
parama-ātmane unto the Supreme Soul; SB 7.10.10
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supreme Person; SB 7.10.29
parama-āśiṣaḥ exalted benedictions; SB 7.10.34
parama-ācāryam the best and largest; SB 7.10.53
parama-vismitaḥ became most amazed; SB 7.15.79
parama-ātmane unto the Supreme Soul, the Supersoul; SB 8.3.10
parama very nice; SB 8.4.3-4
parama-udayāḥ greatly glorious; SB 8.5.6
parama-adbhutam because they are so wonderful; SB 8.5.11-12
parama-ārādhanam the topmost method of worshiping; SB 8.7.44
parama highly; SB 8.8.31
parama supremely; SB 8.8.41-46
parama very much; SB 8.10.5
parama a great; SB 8.11.29
parama-prītaḥ being very pleased; SB 8.12.37
parama-dharma-vit the most learned scholar in religious principles; SB 9.1.6
parama-adbhutān very wonderful, uncommon; SB 9.1.23-24
parama-kopanam who was always very angry; SB 9.3.10
parama-prītaḥ was extremely pleased; SB 9.3.23
parama-anubhāvam the inconceivable prowess; SB 9.4.62
parama-āśiṣaḥ the highest benedictions; SB 9.5.13
parama-puṇyām highly glorified and pious; SB 9.5.21
parama-ātmani dealing with the Supreme Soul; SB 9.6.54
parama exalted; SB 10.1.1
parama-śobhanaḥ all-auspicious and very favorable from all points of view; SB summary
parama-duṣkaram extremely difficult to execute; SB 10.3.36
parama-vismitaḥ was struck with wonder; SB 10.4.14
parama-prītaḥ Nanda Mahārāja was very much pleased; SB 10.8.2
paramā the ultimate goal of life; SB 10.8.49
parama-vikramita by the supreme power; SB 10.10.27
parama-kalyāṇa You are the supreme auspiciousness; SB 10.10.36
parama-mańgala whatever You do is good; SB 10.10.36
parama-ānandam the supreme bliss; SB 10.14.32
parama-āśiṣaḥ first-class enjoyable offerings; SB 10.15.44
parama-kaśmalam the greatest bewilderment; SB 10.16.19
parama extreme; SB 10.16.28
parama-ātmane who are beyond all material cause; SB 10.16.39
parama extremely; SB 10.18.32
parama-ānandaḥ the greatest happiness; SB 10.19.16
parama-ātmane the Supreme Soul; SB 10.28.6
parama supreme; SB 10.28.17
parama-ātmānam the Supersoul; SB 10.29.10-11
parama-īśvara O supreme controller; SB 10.29.33
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supersoul; SB 10.30.24
parama supreme; SB 10.32.9
parama the supreme; SB 10.38.40
parama supreme; SB 10.42.16
parama-annena with first-class food; SB 10.46.15
parama-ātma as the Supersoul; SB 10.46.43
parama supremely; SB 10.47.57
parama-ātmani for the Supreme Soul; SB 10.47.59
parama-ātmane the Supersoul; SB 10.49.13
parama-īśvarāya to the supreme controller; SB 10.49.29
parama the greatest; SB 10.51.38
parama exalted; SB 10.58.5
parama most; SB 10.58.24
parama the greatest; SB 10.58.29
parama supremely; SB 10.58.29
parama the greatest; SB 10.58.48
parama the greatest; SB 10.58.48
parama-ātman O Supreme Soul; SB 10.59.25
parama-ātman O Supreme Soul, who are all-pervading; SB 10.59.28
parama the greatest; SB 10.60.46
parama supremely; SB 10.63.31
parama supremely; SB 10.70.14
parama-āsane on His exalted throne; SB 10.70.18
parama supreme; SB 10.70.32
parama-ātmane the Supersoul; SB 10.73.16
parama-ātmanaḥ the Supreme Soul; SB 10.74.4
parama the greatest; SB 10.74.23
parama topmost; SB 10.74.33-34
parama supreme; SB 10.81.9
parama supreme; SB 10.82.22
parama-haṃsa of perfect saints; SB 10.83.4
parama-ātmane the Supersoul; SB 10.84.22
parama-ātmane the Supersoul; SB 10.85.39
parama-ātmanaḥ the Supreme Soul; SB 10.85.58
parama the supreme; SB 10.86.44
parama O supreme one; SB 10.87.16
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supersoul; SB 10.88.40
parama supremely; SB 10.89.62
parama supremely; SB 11.2.13
parama-prītaḥ transcendentally overjoyed; SB 11.2.27
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supersoul; SB 11.3.34
parama-ātmā the Supersoul in the heart of every living being; SB 11.5.23
parama-bhāgavataiḥ by the most elevated devotees; SB 11.6.11
parama-mańgalam supremely auspicious; SB 11.6.44
parama-ānande in great happiness; SB 11.9.4
parama-ṛṣibhiḥ by the greatest of sages; SB 11.13.42
parama-aṇu-maye in the form of atoms; SB 11.15.12
parama-ānandam the greatest happiness; SB 11.15.17
parama-ṛṣayaḥ the great sages; SB 11.16.3
parama-aṇūnām of the atoms; SB 11.16.39
parama-ātmānam the Supreme Soul; SB 11.26.1
parama supreme; SB 11.26.32
parama-utsukāḥ very eager; SB 11.31.2-3
parama-astra by the supreme weapon, the brahmāstra; SB 11.31.12
parama-āyuḥ the maximum duration of life; SB 12.2.11
pārama-arthyam of the most essential purport; SB 12.3.14
parama-īśvaraḥ the Supreme Lord; SB 12.3.50
parama-aṇu (the smallest fraction of time measured in terms of) the indivisible atom; SB 12.4.1
parama-ātmanaḥ and of the Supersoul; SB 12.6.39
parama-ātmanaḥ of the Supersoul; SB 12.6.40-41
parama-kāruṇikaḥ supremely magnanimous; SB 12.6.70
parama-ātma for the Supreme Soul; SB 12.12.55
parama-ṛṣi of the greatest of sages, Śukadeva; SB 12.12.57
parama extremely; CC Adi 1.51
parama very much; CC Adi 1.102
parama supreme; CC Adi 2.8
parama ultimate; CC Adi 2.56
parama great; CC Adi 2.77
parama Supreme; CC Adi 2.106
parama most; CC Adi 3.87
parama-artha-vidām of those who know the highest goal; CC Adi 3.87
parama-karuṇa the most merciful; CC Adi 4.15-16
parama-kāṣṭhā the highest limit; CC Adi 4.68
paramā most; CC Adi 4.84
parama supreme; CC Adi 4.89
parama highest; CC Adi 4.132
parama-kautukī the supremely curious; CC Adi 4.136
parama supremely; CC Adi 5.32
parama kāraṇa original cause; CC Adi 5.54
parama-mańgala all-auspicious; CC Adi 5.228
parama-preyasī the most beloved; CC Adi 6.46
parama-mahattva very much glorified; CC Adi 6.49-50
parama-adhikā highly elevated; CC Adi 6.69-70
parama highest; CC Adi 7.27
parama the highest; CC Adi 7.84
parama-puruṣārtha superexcellent goal of life; CC Adi 7.91
parama ultimate; CC Adi 7.108
parama very great; CC Adi 8.61
parama great; CC Adi 8.61
parama the greatest; CC Adi 9.47
parama greatly; CC Adi 11.34
parama first-class; CC Adi 11.36
parama very; CC Adi 12.37
parama very great; CC Adi 12.41
parama-vyome in the spiritual sky; CC Adi 13.75
parama very; CC Adi 14.54
parama highly; CC Adi 14.91
parama very high; CC Adi 17.35
parama very much; CC Adi 17.102
parama-tattva the Supreme Truth; CC Adi 17.106
parama-īśvara the Supreme Lord; CC Adi 17.106
parama very; CC Adi 17.136
parama topmost; CC Adi 17.217
parama virodha very contradictory; CC Adi 17.304
parama greatest; CC Madhya 1.47
parama great; CC Madhya 1.52
parama highly; CC Madhya 1.109
parama great; CC Madhya 1.130
parama-artham full of meaning; CC Madhya 1.203
parama great; CC Madhya 1.242
parama ānanda with great pleasure; CC Madhya 2.77
parama pavitra perfectly purified; CC Madhya 3.96
parama bāndhava intimate friends; CC Madhya 3.189
parama-mohana very attractive; CC Madhya 4.13
parama virakta totally renounced or unattached; CC Madhya 4.179
parama-bhaktye in great devotion; CC Madhya 5.49
parama first class; CC Madhya 5.67
parama great; CC Madhya 5.117
parama very; CC Madhya 5.158
parama-īśvara the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 6.79
parama-ānandam the supreme bliss; CC Madhya 6.149
parama sāhasa great impudence; CC Madhya 6.161
parama very much; CC Madhya 6.183
parama the Supreme; CC Madhya 6.184
parama-dayālu greatly merciful; CC Madhya 8.38
parama prabala very intense; CC Madhya 8.130-131
parama supreme; CC Madhya 8.134
parama-sāra the essential part; CC Madhya 8.160
parama most; CC Madhya 8.309
parama satkāra great reception; CC Madhya 9.236
parama final; CC Madhya 9.239-240
parama-mohane most beautiful; CC Madhya 9.246
parama-sādhana best process of achievement; CC Madhya 9.258
parama-ānande in great happiness; CC Madhya 9.329
parama very; CC Madhya 10.21
parama supreme; CC Madhya 10.78
parama topmost; CC Madhya 10.81
parama ullāsa great ecstasy; CC Madhya 10.85
parama very; CC Madhya 10.106
parama great; CC Madhya 10.106
parama very; CC Madhya 10.117
parama supremely; CC Madhya 10.137
parama-ānanda transcendental bliss; CC Madhya 10.140
parama very; CC Madhya 11.24
parama asthira greatly agitated; CC Madhya 11.128
parama-nirjane in a very solitary place; CC Madhya 11.175
parama pāmare the lowest of mankind; CC Madhya 11.188
parama-pāvana supremely pure; CC Madhya 11.191
parama-artha thākuka what to speak of spiritual advancement; CC Madhya 12.24
parama supremely; CC Madhya 12.29
parama vidvān greatly learned personalities; CC Madhya 12.35
parama hariṣe with great jubilation; CC Madhya 12.89
parama-ānanda transcendental bliss; CC Madhya 12.180
parama extremely; CC Madhya 13.3
parama very much; CC Madhya 13.56
parama-ānanda with transcendental bliss; CC Madhya 13.80
parama prabala very powerful; CC Madhya 13.155
parama-āveśe in great ecstasy; CC Madhya 14.99
parama sublime; CC Madhya 14.118
parama santoṣa highest satisfaction; CC Madhya 14.157
parama puruṣa-uttama the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 14.220
parama-puruṣaḥ the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 14.227
parama ānande in great pleasure; CC Madhya 14.245
parama supremely; CC Madhya 14.252
parama-āveśe in great ecstasy; CC Madhya 15.31
parama-pavitra supremely pure; CC Madhya 15.69
parama pavitra kari' with great attention to keep them pure; CC Madhya 15.85
parama pavitra highly purified; CC Madhya 15.89
parama udāra very liberal; CC Madhya 15.94
parama madhura very sweet; CC Madhya 15.138
ghṛta-sikta parama-anna sweet rice mixed with ghee; CC Madhya 15.217
parama pavitra most purified; CC Madhya 15.275
parama ānande in great pleasure; CC Madhya 16.27
parama very; CC Madhya 16.262
parama-pāṣaṇḍa without God consciousness; CC Madhya 17.53
parama very much; CC Madhya 17.64
parama-ānanda the transcendentally blissful; CC Madhya 17.80
parama-cikkaṇa very shiny; CC Madhya 18.76
parama gambhīra very grave; CC Madhya 18.185
parama great; CC Madhya 18.212
parama-vaiṣṇava great devotee; CC Madhya 19.36
parama-phala the supreme goal of life; CC Madhya 19.164
parama supreme; CC Madhya 19.164
parama-īśa the Supreme Lord; CC Madhya 20.311
parama-īśvara the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 20.358
parama supreme; CC Madhya 21.34
pradhāna-parama-vyomnoḥ antare between the material world and the spiritual world; CC Madhya 21.50
parama-mahattva very important items; CC Madhya 22.127
parama-āviṣṭatā absorption in the service of the Lord; CC Madhya 22.150
parama-utkarṣa in the highest excellence; CC Madhya 23.87-91
parama-svarūpa the supreme form; CC Madhya 24.77
parama-ātmani the Supreme Person; CC Madhya 24.128
parama samartha highly suitable; CC Madhya 24.148
parama supremely; CC Madhya 24.163
parama samartha very strong; CC Madhya 24.220
parama pramāṇa the supreme evidence; CC Madhya 25.29
parama O supreme one; CC Madhya 25.36
parama-artha-vicāra discussion on spiritual matters; CC Madhya 25.43
parama kāraṇa the supreme cause, the cause of all causes; CC Madhya 25.55
parama extremely; CC Madhya 25.105
parama mahattva has greater utility and value; CC Madhya 25.150
parama sukha the highest happiness; CC Madhya 25.275
parama-ānandam the personality of bliss; CC Antya 1.166
parama-vaiṣṇava a perfectly pure devotee; CC Antya 2.16
parama vaiṣṇava pure devotee; CC Antya 2.84
paramā vaiṣṇavī a first-class devotee; CC Antya 2.104
parama yuvā young man; CC Antya 3.17
parama sundara very beautiful; CC Antya 3.17
parama-sundara very beautifully constructed; CC Antya 3.112
parama-mahāntī very advanced; CC Antya 3.142
parama-sundara very beautiful; CC Antya 3.192
parama-puruṣa-artha the highest benediction of life; CC Antya 4.12
parama mańgala everything is auspicious; CC Antya 4.24
parama-madhura supremely attractive; CC Antya 4.34
parama pradhāna highly expert; CC Antya 4.49
parama-arthe in spiritual matters; CC Antya 4.159
parama-sundarī very, very beautiful; CC Antya 5.13
parama uttama "very good, very good"; CC Antya 5.94
parama-udāra very liberal; CC Antya 5.101
parama the supreme; CC Antya 5.121
parama O Supreme; CC Antya 5.124-125
parama-artha the goal of life; CC Antya 6.225
parama vikhyāta very famous; CC Antya 6.251
parama supreme; CC Antya 6.254
parama ānanda very pleased; CC Antya 9.58
parama gambhīra very grave; CC Antya 9.151
parama-ānande in great happiness; CC Antya 10.3
parama su-vāsa very palatable; CC Antya 10.29-30
parama-bhakati highly developed devotional service; CC Antya 10.34
parama-āveśe in great ecstatic love; CC Antya 10.69
parama-vidvān the most learned; CC Antya 11.105
parama dhik-kāra immediately to be rejected; CC Antya 12.108
parama-saphale completely successful; CC Antya 12.109
parama ānanda very happy; CC Antya 13.71
parama-vaiṣṇava highly advanced devotee; CC Antya 13.92
parama santoṣe in great satisfaction; CC Antya 13.108
parama prabala supremely powerful; CC Antya 15.64
parama supremely; CC Antya 16.135
parama very; CC Antya 19.82
parama upāya the most feasible means for deliverance; CC Antya 20.8
sei parama-pramāṇe that is the foremost proof; CC Antya 20.85
parama-aṇu-caya the atoms; Bs 5.35
parama-puruṣaḥ the Supreme Personality of Godhead; Bs 5.56
parama supreme; MM 15
parama supreme; MM 39
parama the most; MM 49
parama highest; NBS 2
parama supreme; NBS 19
parama topmost; NBS 60
parama supreme; NBS 82