parataḥ superior; BG 3.42
parataḥ vā or by hearing from another; SB 1.13.27
parataḥ ahead; SB 1.13.57
parataḥ by others; SB 3.30.25
parataḥ by others (the damsels created by Kardama); SB 3.33.28
parataḥ by His inconceivable potencies; SB 4.17.32
parataḥ parāt beyond the transcendence; SB 4.30.31
parataḥ by any external power; SB 5.1.12
parataḥ parasmāt higher than the highest; SB 5.5.25
parataḥ from others; SB 5.9.11
parataḥ from anyone else; SB 5.14.46
parataḥ beyond; SB 5.20.29
parataḥ beyond that; SB 5.23.1
parataḥ due to other causes; SB 6.14.21
parataḥ from the instructions of others; SB 7.5.30
parataḥ transcendentally situated; SB 8.7.34
parataḥ of others; SB 8.8.20
parataḥ from others; SB 10.1.44
parataḥ parasya who is transcendental to material nature; SB 11.23.56
parataḥ on the opposite side; CC Antya 16.53