tat-pariṇāma-lakṣaṇāḥ the symptoms of the results of such impious desires; SB 5.26.3
tat-pariṇāma-vit knowing the result of becoming powerful as a king; SB 9.18.2
pariṇāma-ādayaḥ transformation and the other changes of visible matter (creation, growth and so on); SB 12.4.15-19
pariṇāma transformation; CC Adi 7.121
pariṇāma-vāde by accepting the theory of transformation of energy; CC Adi 7.122
pariṇāma-vāda transformation of the energy; CC Adi 7.123
pariṇāma transformed by His energy; CC Adi 7.124
pariṇāma-vāda the theory of transformation; CC Madhya 6.170
pariṇāma-vāda the transformation of energy; CC Madhya 25.41
pariṇāma the resultant action; CC Antya 3.147
pariṇāma as subject to transformation; MM 37