patnī wife; SB 1.7.45
patnī the wife; SB 1.13.58
patnī Śatarūpā; SB 2.7.43-45
patnī wife; SB 3.21.3
patnī wife; SB 4.1.13
patnī wife; SB 4.1.15
patnī wife; SB 4.1.34
patnī wife; SB 4.1.42
patnī the wife; SB 4.1.63
patnī the wife; SB 4.1.65
patnī-ańga-nāśam the destruction of the body of his wife; SB 4.4.1
patnī-śālām the female quarters; SB 4.5.14
patnī the wife; SB 4.13.18
tat-patnī His wife (Lakṣmī); SB 4.15.16
tat-patnī the wife of Mahārāja Pṛthu; SB 4.23.19
patnī wife; SB 4.26.15
vīra-patni O wife of the hero; SB 4.26.24
patnī wife; SB 4.30.16
patnī his wife; SB 6.6.19
patnī the wife; SB 6.6.42
patnī wife; SB 6.18.1
viṣṇu-patni O wife of Lord Viṣṇu; SB 6.19.6
patnī the wife; SB 8.1.21
patnī the wife; SB 8.5.4
patnī the wife of Mahārāja Bali; SB 8.20.17
tat-patnī Bali Mahārāja's wife; SB 8.22.19
patnī the wife; SB 9.1.14
tat-patnī his wife; SB 9.9.26-27
eka-patnī-vrata-dharaḥ taking a vow not to accept a second wife or to have any connection with any other woman; SB 9.10.54
droṇa-patnī the wife of Droṇācārya; SB 9.21.36
patnī wives; SB 9.23.32
asa-patnī I have no co-wife; SB 9.23.37
patnī wife; SB 9.24.27
nanda-patnī the wife of Nanda Mahārāja; SB 10.3.53
patnī the wife (mother Yaśodā); SB 10.7.5
patnī-śālāyām in the house of the wives of the brāhmaṇas; SB 10.23.15
patni O wife; SB 10.30.11
patnī the wife; SB 10.55.7-8
patnī wife; SB 10.55.12
patnī-saṃyāja the ritual performed by the sponsor of the sacrifice and his wife consisting of oblations to Soma, Tvaṣṭā, the wives of certain demigods, and Agni; SB 10.75.19
patnī his wife; SB 10.81.25
patnī-saṃyāja the ritual in which the sponsor of the sacrifice offers oblations together with his wife; SB 10.84.53
prati-patnī-vat just like an envious co wife; SB 11.6.12
tāńra patnī his wife; CC Adi 13.60
patnī his wife; CC Adi 13.72
patnī wife; CC Adi 13.110
patnī wife; CC Madhya 10.53
rāja-patnī the queens; CC Antya 10.63
śivānanda-patnī the wife of Śivānanda; CC Antya 12.12
patnī the wife; CC Antya 12.21
patnī the wife; CC Antya 12.22
eṇa-patni O she-deer; CC Antya 15.44
patnī-sahita with his wife; CC Antya 16.16
tāńra patnī his wife; CC Antya 16.34
tāńra patnī his wife; CC Antya 16.35
patnī the wife; CC Antya 16.65