phalam results; BG 2.51
phalam the result; BG 5.4
karma-phalam the results of all activities; BG 5.12
karma-phalam of the result of work; BG 6.1
phalam fruit; BG 7.23
puṇya-phalam result of pious work; BG 8.28
phalam a fruit; BG 9.26
phalam the result; BG 14.16
phalam the result; BG 14.16
phalam the result; BG 14.16
phalam the result; BG 17.12
phalam a result; BG 17.21
phalam the fruitive result; BG 17.25
phalam the results; BG 18.8
phalam the result; BG 18.9
phalam the result; BG 18.12
phalam fruit; SB 1.1.3
phalam fruitive result; SB 3.7.34
phalam result; SB 3.30.30
phalam result; SB 4.21.26
phalam result; SB 4.22.51
kriyā-phalam the result of such sacrifice; SB 5.7.6
phalam the resultant action; SB 5.11.6
kriyā-phalam the results of moving the body here and there, such as feeling fatigue; SB 5.12.4
phalam the result; SB 5.15.12
phalam the result; SB 5.17.9
karma-phalam the reaction of fruitive activities; SB 5.26.3
pākhaṇḍa-anugatam phalam the result of accepting an atheistic path; SB 5.26.15
tat-phalam the particular result of that; SB 6.1.45
phalam result; SB 6.6.9
phalam results of action; SB 6.9.35
kriyā-phalam the result of any fruitive activity; SB 6.16.11
phalam result; SB 7.7.41
phalam the result; SB 8.9.28
puṣpa-phalam the flower and the fruit; SB 8.19.39
vyalīka-phalam as a result of cheating; SB 8.21.34
phalam the result; SB 9.4.45
phalam adya I shall give you the result today; SB 9.10.22
phalam icchatām of persons who desire material benefit; SB 9.21.15
phalam a reward; SB 10.14.35
phalam the ultimate result; SB 10.16.33
phalam the fruit; SB 10.20.7
phalam the fruit; SB 10.21.7
phalam the consequence; SB 10.24.3
phalam the fruit; SB 10.38.10
phalam the result; SB 10.42.6
phalam of its fruits; SB 10.47.8
phalam the fruits; SB 10.54.48
phalam the fruit; SB 10.73.14
phalam a fruit; SB 10.81.4
phalam the fruit; SB 10.84.9
karma-phalam results of work; SB 11.3.6
dharma-eka-phalam whose only proper fruit is religiosity; SB 11.5.12
phalam fruit; SB 11.12.22-23
phalam result; SB 11.25.30
phalam the result; SB 11.27.55
phalam the fruit; SB 12.3.5
phalam result; SB 12.11.31
phalam fruit; SB 12.12.63
phalam the fruit; CC Adi 4.155
phalam result; CC Madhya 9.33
phalam the perfect result of the action; CC Madhya 20.61
phalam the perfection of activities; CC Madhya 20.61
jihvā-phalam the perfection of the tongue; CC Madhya 20.61
phalam fruit (which has come down without being distorted); CC Madhya 25.151
phalam result; CC Antya 3.85
phalam the fruit; MM 25
phalam the perfection; MM 46
phalam the perfection; MM 46
phalam the perfection; MM 46
phalam the perfection; MM 46
karma-phalam the fruit of material work; NBS 48