pitṛ-vratāḥ worshipers of ancestors; BG 9.25
pitṛ the forefathers; SB 1.2.27
pitṛ parents; SB 1.8.49
pitṛ father; SB 1.9.49
pitṛ-vat exactly like his father; SB 1.12.4
pitṛ father; SB 1.13.21
pitṛ father; SB 1.14.4
pitṛ-gaṇān the inhabitants of the Pitā planets; SB 2.10.37-40
pitṛ-vat like a father; SB 3.1.27
pitṛ the Pitā planets; SB 3.11.16
pitṛ of the Pitā planets; SB 3.11.26
pitṛ-gaṇān and the Pitās; SB 3.20.42
pitṛ to the forefathers; SB 3.32.3
pitṛ-lokam to Pitṛloka; SB 3.32.20
pitṛ-pitāmahaiḥ with the fathers and grandfather; SB 4.1.61
pitṛ ancestors; SB 4.3.4
pitṛ-yajña-mahā-utsavam the great festival of sacrifice performed by her father; SB 4.3.5-7
pitṛ-geha-kautukam the festival in the house of her father; SB 4.3.13
pitṛ-vat like a father; SB 4.16.17
pitṛ-yajñam to the sacrificial arena of his father; SB 4.19.22
pitṛ the inhabitants of Pitṛloka; SB 4.19.42
pitṛ inhabitants of Pitṛloka; SB 4.20.35-36
pitṛ persons coming from Pitṛloka; SB 4.21.26
pitṛ the denizens of Pitṛloka; SB 4.21.45
pitṛ-devāya unto the master of Pitṛloka; SB 4.24.41
pitṛ forefathers; SB 4.25.40
pitṛ like the father; SB 4.27.7
pitṛ-vaṃśa paternal family; SB 4.27.8
pitṛ-hūḥ named Pitṛhū; SB 4.29.12
pitṛ-yānam going to Pitṛloka; SB 4.29.13
pitṛ father; SB 5.7.4
pitṛ-paitāmaham which he received from his father and forefathers; SB 5.7.8
pitṛ-sannidhau in the presence of his father; SB 5.9.5
pitṛ-putra of the father or sons; SB 5.14.14
pitṛ-putrān father or sons; SB 5.14.14
pitṛ the father; SB 5.14.17
pitṛ-gaṇa-adhipatiḥ who is the chief of the pitās; SB 5.18.29
pitṛ the inhabitants of Pitṛloka; SB 5.18.32
pitṛ-devebhyaḥ unto the pitās and the demigods; SB 5.20.12
pitṛ of all the inhabitants of Pitṛloka; SB 5.22.10
pitṛ-gaṇāḥ the persons known as pitās; SB 5.26.5
pitṛ-rājaḥ Yamarāja, the king of the pitās; SB 5.26.6
pitṛ of his father; SB 6.1.58-60
pitṛ father; SB 6.2.9-10
pitṛ-ādeśena by the order of their father; SB 6.5.4-5
pitṛ-vatsalāḥ all very affectionate to their father; SB 6.6.1
pitṛ-śuśrūṣaṇam the service of the parents; SB 6.7.28
pitṛ by the Pitās; SB 6.10.17-18
pitṛ the inhabitants of Pitṛloka; SB 6.13.2
pitṛ-hā a person who has killed his father; SB 6.13.8-9
pitṛ by your father; SB 6.16.3
pitṛ-devatānām of the forefathers and demigods; SB 6.19.26-28
pitṛ of the forefathers; SB 7.2.11
pitṛ-patīn Yamarāja and the other leaders of the Pitās; SB 7.4.5-7
pitṛ-vat exactly like a father; SB 7.4.31-32
pitṛ the residents of Pitṛloka; SB 7.10.68
pitṛ unto the forefathers; SB 7.14.25
pitṛ-kārye in the śrāddha ceremony, in which oblations are offered to the forefathers; SB 7.15.3
pitṛ forefathers; SB 7.15.6
pitṛ-yānam the way of taking birth from the father's semen; SB 7.15.50-51
pitṛ-devānām known as pitṛ-yāna and deva-yāna; SB 7.15.56
pitṛ with the inhabitants of Pitṛloka; SB 8.23.20-21
pitṛ-medha-vidhānena by the funeral ceremony performed by the son after the death of his father or some family member; SB 9.10.29
pitṛ-vat exactly like a father; SB 9.10.50
pitṛ-samaḥ like his father; SB 9.14.2
pitṛ-vadham the killing of his father; SB 9.16.17
pitṛ-vat exactly like a father; SB 9.18.46
pitṛ-rājyam the father's property, the kingdom; SB 9.22.11
pitṛ-gṛhāt from the houses of His father; SB 9.24.66
pitṛ-deva-arcanam the worship of the forefathers and the demigods; SB summary
pitṛ-bhrātṛ-suta-ādayaḥ your fathers, brothers, sons and others; SB 10.23.31
pitṛ-vatsala O You who are most affectionate to Your parents; SB 10.28.8
pitṛ my forefathers; SB 10.41.45
pitṛ of their parents; SB 10.45.4
pitṛ forefathers; SB 10.46.9-13
pitṛ-gehān the household affairs of His father; SB 10.47.21
pitṛ the forefathers; SB 10.48.25
pitṛ of their father; SB 10.49.10
pitṛ His father; SB 10.55.40
pitṛ of His father, Vasudeva; SB 10.58.7
pitṛ of His father; SB 10.58.31
pitṛ-svasuḥ of His father's sister; SB 10.58.56
pitṛ by their father; SB 10.61.10-12
pitṛ of my father; SB 10.66.27-28
pitṛ of his father; SB 10.66.29
pitṛ His father's; SB 10.71.40
pitṛ departed forefathers; SB 10.72.8
pitṛ forefathers; SB 10.75.13
pitṛ forefathers; SB 10.75.20
pitṛ forefathers; SB 10.75.25-26
pitṛ to Your parents; SB 10.77.22
pitṛ-gaṇaiḥ by elevated forefathers; SB 10.78.13-15
pitṛ forefathers; SB 10.78.18
pitṛ forefathers; SB 10.84.55-56
pitṛ of the forefathers; SB 10.85.32-33
pitṛ departed forefathers; SB 10.88.37
pitṛ the forefathers; SB 11.17.50
pitṛ of the forefathers; SB 11.20.4
pitṛ the forefathers; SB 11.21.29-30
pitṛ from the father or ancestors; SB 11.22.49
pitṛ departed forefathers; SB 11.23.24
pitṛ-putrāṇām between fathers and sons; SB 12.3.7
pitṛ their fathers; SB 12.3.37
pitṛ forefathers; SB 12.8.12
pitṛ-gehān the household affairs of His father; CC Adi 6.68
pitṛ-kula father's family; CC Adi 15.14
pitṛ-kriyā rituals performed after the death of the father; CC Adi 15.24
pitṛ-dhana the riches of your father; CC Madhya 20.128
pitṛ-ādikera of the forefathers and so on; CC Madhya 22.140
pitṛ-ādi parents; CC Madhya 22.161
pitṛ a father; CC Madhya 22.163
pitṛ-mātṛ-sneha parental love; CC Madhya 24.33
pitṛ-śūnya without his father; CC Antya 3.3