prakṛti-jaiḥ born of the modes of material nature; BG 3.5
prakṛti material nature; BG 13.20
prakṛti-sthaḥ being situated in the material energy; BG 13.22
prakṛti-jān produced by the material nature; BG 13.22
prakṛti from material nature; BG 13.35
prakṛti material nature; BG 14.5
prakṛti in material nature; BG 15.7
prakṛti-jaiḥ born of material nature; BG 18.40
prakṛti-sthaḥ being in contact with material nature; SB 1.11.38
prakṛti material nature; SB 1.15.31
prakṛti natural; SB 3.2.31
prakṛti-sthaḥ residing in the material body; SB 3.27.1
prakṛti to material nature; SB 3.31.14
prakṛti by the ministers; SB 4.14.2
prakṛti by nature; SB 4.14.31
prakṛti in material nature; SB 4.20.8
prakṛti existence; SB 4.25.62
prakṛti material elements; SB 4.28.56
prakṛti of material nature; SB 5.3.4-5
prakṛti-puruṣayoḥ the jurisdiction of the three modes of material nature; SB 5.3.4-5
āpaura-prakṛti among all the citizens and government officers; SB 5.4.5
prakṛti by nature; SB 5.5.31
prakṛti by full performances; SB 5.7.5
prakṛti-viklavā by nature always afraid of being killed by others; SB 5.8.4
prakṛti-sthena happy; SB 5.8.14
prakṛti-īśvarāya the supreme controller of this cosmic manifestation; SB 5.14.45
prakṛti of material nature; SB 5.23.3
prakṛti-guṇāḥ the modes of material nature; SB 5.25.9
prakṛti-sańgena because of association with the material nature; SB 6.1.55
prakṛti by nature; SB 7.8.3-4
prakṛti-dharmaṇaḥ of Him, by whom the three guṇas, or qualities of material nature; SB 7.9.33
prakṛti such behavior; SB 8.24.2-3
prakṛti of material nature; SB 10.87.31
prakṛti-pūruṣayoḥ both the material nature and the living entity; SB 11.6.14
prakṛti in the material world; SB 11.11.12-13
yathā-prakṛti according to propensity or desire; SB 11.14.5-7
prakṛti of nature or desires; SB 11.14.8
prakṛti-sthaḥ situated in the material nature; CC Adi 2.55
prakṛti material nature; CC Adi 5.58
prakṛti the material nature; CC Adi 5.59
prakṛti the material nature; CC Adi 5.60
prakṛti material nature; CC Adi 5.61
prakṛti-sahite with the material energy; CC Adi 5.86
prakṛti-saha with the material nature; CC Adi 5.86
prakṛti-sthaḥ within this material world; CC Adi 5.87
prakṛti-vinīta by nature very humble and meek; CC Madhya 6.69
nārada-prakṛti with the nature of Nārada Muni; CC Madhya 14.215
prakṛti characteristics; CC Madhya 18.117
prakṛti characteristics; CC Madhya 18.120
prakṛti the material energy; CC Madhya 20.259
prakṛti material energy; CC Madhya 20.261
prakṛti the material nature; CC Madhya 20.272
prakṛti-sparśana the Lord glances over the material nature; CC Madhya 20.273
prakṛti nature; CC Madhya 20.357
prakṛti the nature; CC Madhya 22.153
prakṛti nature; CC Madhya 25.50
prakṛti material nature; CC Madhya 25.110
prakṛti by nature; CC Antya 1.139
prakṛti sambhāṣaṇa intimate talking with a woman; CC Antya 2.117
dāravī prakṛti a wooden statue of a woman; CC Antya 2.118
prakṛti sambhāṣiyā talking intimately with women; CC Antya 2.120
prakṛti-sambhāṣī one who talks with women; CC Antya 2.124
prakṛti darśana kaile if someone sees women with a sensual propensity; CC Antya 2.165
prakṛti-darśane by seeing a woman; CC Antya 5.35-36
prakṛti matter; CC Antya 5.112
prakṛti nature; CC Antya 6.320
prakṛti female; CC Antya 7.103
prakṛti wife; CC Antya 12.53