prāṇam the air which acts outward; BG 4.29
prāṇam the life air; BG 8.10
prāṇam the life air; BG 8.12
prāṇam life; SB 1.13.5
prāṇam the living condition; SB 6.12.9
prāṇam and life; SB 7.9.10
prāṇam the ten kinds of air flowing within the body; SB 7.15.42
prāṇam life; SB 10.5.21
prāṇam life; SB 10.11.49
prāṇam life; SB 10.11.53
prāṇam the life air; SB 10.32.3
prāṇam whose vital strength; SB 10.46.24
prāṇam consciousness, or the air of life; SB 10.71.24
prāṇam their vital air; SB 10.82.32
prāṇam the prāṇāyāma system of controlling the bodily airs; SB 11.14.35
prāṇam the vital air carrying the living entity; SB 11.15.24
prāṇam life; CC Madhya 20.59
prāṇam life; CC Antya 4.69
prāṇam life; CC Antya 16.26