pravāhaḥ is made and annihilated; SB 1.9.32
guṇa-pravāhaḥ reactions of the modes of nature; SB 2.1.33
guṇa-pravāhaḥ from the flow of material qualities; SB 3.28.35
pravāhaḥ the constant change; SB 4.20.12
guṇa-pravāhaḥ emanation of material nature; SB 4.31.15
pravāhaḥ emanation; SB 4.31.17
guṇa-pravāhaḥ driven by the force of either sattva-guṇa, rajo-guṇa or tamo-guṇa; SB 5.11.5
guṇa-pravāhaḥ the waves of the material modes of nature; SB 9.5.26
pravāhaḥ the flow; SB 10.40.12
pravāhaḥ the constant flow; SB 10.63.26