pumbhiḥ by the human being; SB 1.2.13
pumbhiḥ by persons; SB 1.18.10
sva-pumbhiḥ by His own associates; SB 3.15.38
sva-pumbhiḥ by My own attendants; SB 3.16.4
pumbhiḥ by the general public; SB 4.22.63
pumbhiḥ by the living entities; SB 4.29.3
pumbhiḥ by men; SB 6.18.33-34
pumbhiḥ by persons; SB 7.15.14
strī-pumbhiḥ by men and women; SB 9.11.30
pumbhiḥ by men; SB 10.47.6
pumbhiḥ by men; SB 10.62.22
pumbhiḥ by men; SB 10.62.27
pumbhiḥ with men; SB 10.69.9-12
pumbhiḥ by the men; SB 10.75.15
pumbhiḥ with men; SB 10.81.21-23
pumbhiḥ with persons; SB 10.88.30