puṇya-kṛtām of those who performed pious activities; BG 6.41
puṇya pious; BG 7.28
puṇya-phalam result of pious work; BG 8.28
puṇya-karmaṇām of the pious; BG 18.71
puṇya virtuous; SB 1.1.16
puṇya-tīrtha those who are cleansed of all vice; SB 1.2.16
puṇya virtues; SB 1.2.17
puṇya-ślokasya of the great pious king; SB 1.8.32
puṇya-tamam supremely virtuous; SB 1.10.26
puṇya virtue; SB 1.10.27
puṇya pious; SB 1.11.12
puṇya-ślokān pious by the very name; SB 1.12.18
puṇya-ślokasya of one whose glories are sung by Vedic hymns; SB 1.14.1
puṇya-ślokasya of the Personality of Godhead; SB 1.14.6
puṇya pious; SB 2.1.16
puṇya-janān pious persons; SB 2.3.8
puṇya-leśaḥ fragment of pious acts; SB 3.1.9
puṇya piety; SB 3.1.17
puṇya piety; SB 3.1.17
puṇya piety; SB 3.1.18
puṇya-tamām the most virtuous; SB 3.13.1
puṇya sanctified; SB 3.16.21
puṇya-tamān most auspicious; SB 3.17.14
puṇya-ślokānām of pious reputation; SB 3.19.34
puṇya pious; SB 3.21.40
puṇya pious; SB 3.21.40
puṇya-śloka of the devotees; SB 3.28.18
puṇya-tamam most sacred; SB 3.33.31
puṇya-tara especially flavored; SB 4.6.22
puṇya-kīrteḥ celebrated for virtuous activities; SB 4.8.6
puṇya-janena by a Yakṣa; SB 4.10.3
puṇya-jana-ālayam to the city of the Yakṣas; SB 4.10.4
puṇya-jana of the Yakṣas; SB 4.10.14
puṇya-janāḥ the Yakṣas; SB 4.11.4
puṇya-janān the Yakṣas; SB 4.11.7
puṇya-janān the Yakṣas; SB 4.11.33
puṇya of reactions of pious activities; SB 4.12.13
puṇya-ślokasya of sacred renown; SB 4.12.48
puṇya pious activities; SB 4.21.11
puṇya-śravaḥ by hearing which; SB 4.22.22
puṇya pious; SB 4.28.35-36
puṇya-araṇya of a sacred forest; SB 5.8.29
puṇya-jana-vadhūnām who are wives of the most pious Yakṣas; SB 5.16.18
puṇya of the results of pious activities; SB 5.17.11
puṇya-ślokaḥ very pious and advanced in spiritual consciousness; SB 5.24.18
puṇya-bandhuḥ highly pious; SB 6.5.31
puṇya-śloka-īḍya-karmaṇām whose pious activities are praised by all great souls; SB 6.10.5
puṇya-ślokaiḥ by famous persons who are celebrated as pious; SB 6.10.9
puṇya pious; SB 6.16.16
puṇyā pious, purifying; SB 7.10.42
puṇya-tamaḥ the most sacred; SB 7.14.27-28
puṇya-tamāḥ extremely sacred; SB 7.14.30-33
puṇya-ślokān extremely pious; SB 8.4.17-24
puṇya-kīrtīnām who were all pious and celebrated; SB 9.1.5
puṇya-śravaṇa-kīrtanaḥ He is simply worshiped by hearing and chanting, by which one becomes purified; SB 9.3.34
puṇya-jana of higher living entities; SB 9.3.35
puṇya-kīrtayaḥ persons of whom it is glorious to hear; SB 9.14.1
sumahat-puṇyā very great and sacred; SB 9.15.11
puṇya-gandha-vahaḥ which was full of fragrance; SB summary
puṇya-adri there are nice mountains; SB 10.11.28
kṛta-puṇya-puñjāḥ all these boys, who had accumulated the results of life after life of pious activities; SB 10.12.7-11
puṇya supremely pious; SB 10.14.58
puṇya-śravaṇa-kīrtanaḥ hearing and chanting about whom is the most pious activity; SB 10.15.41
puṇya auspicious; SB 10.38.28-33
puṇya pious; SB 10.41.16
puṇya of piety; SB 10.48.6
puṇya auspicious; SB 10.58.29
puṇya-śloka O You who are glorified in transcendental poetry; SB 10.64.27-28
puṇya pious; SB 10.70.21
puṇya-śloka of persons of pious renown; SB 10.71.30
puṇya sanctifying; SB 10.80.3
puṇya pious; SB 10.87.35
puṇya piety; SB 11.1.11-12
puṇya very pious; SB 11.2.13
mahā-puṇyā extremely pious; SB 11.5.38-40
puṇya which are pious; SB 11.6.42
puṇya by the pious activities; SB 11.10.24
mat-puṇya-gāthā the pious narrations of My glories; SB 11.14.26
puṇya pure; SB 11.18.24
puṇya of piety; SB 11.23.10
ati-puṇya most sacred; SB 12.2.21
puṇya pious; SB 12.8.18-20
puṇya pious; SB 12.8.18-20
puṇya pious; SB 12.8.18-20
puṇya-śloka of famous personalities; SB 12.9.6
puṇya kṣaya destruction of piety; CC Adi 5.206
puṇya pious; CC Adi 9.40
puṇya piety; CC Adi 9.44
puṇya piety; CC Adi 17.249
puṇya-phale as the fruit of pious activities; CC Madhya 7.47
kṛta-puṇya-puñjāḥ those who have accumulated volumes of pious activities; CC Madhya 8.75
puṇya pious activity; CC Madhya 20.8
puṇya pious activity; CC Madhya 20.28
puṇya lāgi' simply for pious activity; CC Madhya 20.31
puṇya-puñja-phale by the result of many pious activities; CC Madhya 21.132
puṇya-maṇḍala of groups of pious activities; CC Antya 1.138
puṇya-udayena means of pious activities; CC Antya 1.163
kṛta-puṇya-puñjāḥ those who have accumulated volumes of pious activities; CC Antya 7.32
puṇya pious activities; CC Antya 16.100
puṇya kare acts piously; CC Antya 16.131
puṇya-tamam supremely purifying; MM 34