pure in the city; BG 5.13
pure in Dvārakā Purī; SB 1.14.34
suhṛt-pure in the city of Dvārakā; SB 1.15.22-23
pure in the capital; SB 1.15.37
pure in the cities; SB 4.14.18
pure in his abode, or within everyone's heart like the Supersoul; SB 6.1.48
pure in the body; SB 6.4.24
bhojakaṭe pure in the city of Bhojakaṭa (Rukmī's domain); SB 10.61.18
pure in the city; SB 10.62.2
kanyā-pure in the quarters for unmarried girls; SB 10.62.23-24
antaḥ-pure within the palace; SB 10.75.31
pure in the city; SB 11.8.34
pure in Dvārakā; CC Adi 1.79-80
pure in the city; CC Adi 4.74-75
vaikuṇṭha-ādi-pure in the abodes of the Vaikuṇṭha planets; CC Adi 5.222
pūre are fulfilled; CC Madhya 1.82
kamala-pure to the place known as Kamalapura; CC Madhya 5.141
pāṇḍara-pure to Pāṇḍarapura; CC Madhya 9.282
māhiṣmatī-pure at Māhiṣmatī-pura; CC Madhya 9.310
pure in Dvārakā; CC Madhya 19.190
kāśī-pure at Vārāṇasī; CC Madhya 19.250
pure in Dvārakā; CC Madhya 20.187
dvārakā-mathurā-pure in the two cities Dvārakā and Mathurā; CC Madhya 20.190
vraja-pure in Vṛndāvana and Dvārakā; CC Madhya 20.392
ari-pure even in the city of enemies; CC Madhya 23.27
pūre nāhi is not complete; CC Antya 11.19