roma-harṣaḥ standing of hair on end; BG 1.29
hṛṣṭa-romā with his bodily hairs standing on end due to his great ecstasy; BG 11.14
roma-harṣaṇam making the hair stand on end; BG 18.74
roma-utsavaḥ hair standing on end out of pleasure; SB 1.16.35
roma hairs on the body; SB 2.10.23
romā hairs on the body; SB 3.4.14
prahṛṣṭa-romā hairs standing in ecstasy; SB 3.13.5
roma hairs; SB 3.13.34
roma hair; SB 3.26.56
roma hair on the body; SB 4.24.22
udbhidyamāna-roma-pulaka-kulakaḥ standing of the hair on end; SB 5.7.12
roma-pulaka-kulakaḥ whose symptoms of ecstasy on the body; SB 5.17.2
ūrdhva-romā Ūrdhvaromā; SB 5.20.15
prahṛṣṭa-roma his hairs standing on end due to jubilation; SB 6.16.31
roma hair on the body; SB 7.12.21
roma-harṣaṇaḥ hair standing on the body; SB 8.10.5
roma of hair on the body; SB 10.14.11
romā her bodily hairs; SB 10.33.11
roma whose bodily hairs; SB 10.38.26
roma bodily hair; SB 10.60.45
roma-harṣaṇam causing bodily hair to stand on end; SB 10.63.7
romā the hair on whose limbs; SB 10.85.38
roma-nakhaiḥ by hair and nails; SB 11.8.33
roma-harṣam standing of the hairs on end; SB 11.14.23
roma bodily hair; SB 11.18.3
romā his bodily hairs; SB 12.8.36
romā the hairs on his body; SB 12.9.26
roma of hair on the body; CC Adi 5.72
roma-kūpe the pores of the body; CC Madhya 2.6
roma-vṛnda the hairs of the body; CC Madhya 13.102
prati roma-kūpe in every hole of the hair; CC Antya 10.73
prati-roma-kūpe in every hair hole; CC Antya 14.92
roma-udgama standing of the bodily hairs; CC Antya 14.92
roma body hair; CC Antya 18.50
prahṛṣṭa-romā whose hairs on the body were standing; CC Antya 19.70
roma-bila-jāleṣu in the pores of the skin; Bs 5.13
roma-kūpaḥ the pores of His hair; Bs 5.47
roma of their hair; MM 18
roma of hair on the limbs; MM 35
roma with bodily hair (standing erect); NBS 68