ṛta real; SB 4.20.31
ṛta-vrata Ṛtavrata; SB 5.20.27
ṛta-amṛtābhyām of the means of livelihood known as ṛta and amṛta; SB 7.11.18-20
ṛta-satya-netram He is the origin of whatever truth is pleasing (sunetram); SB 10.2.26
ṛta true; SB 10.14.26
ṛta always true; SB 10.48.26
ṛta to truth; SB 10.64.14-15
ṛta truthfully; SB 10.73.19
ṛta-dhiyaḥ of Him whose intelligence always perceives the truth; SB 12.8.44
ṛta-giraḥ who are truthful to the devotees; CC Madhya 22.96