rucira pleasing; SB 1.15.18
rucira-smita pleasing smile; SB 1.16.35
rucira beautiful; SB 1.19.28
rucira charming; SB 3.23.36-37
rucira very pleasing; SB 4.24.45-46
rucira-ānanām attractive face; SB 4.27.2
rucira pleasing; SB 5.1.29
rucira very pleasing; SB 5.2.5
rucira very pleasing; SB 5.8.20
rucira beautiful; SB 5.17.13
rucira pleasing; SB 5.18.16
rucira attractive; SB 5.24.10
rucira very beautiful; SB 5.25.3
rucira beautiful; SB 5.25.5
rucira very beautiful; SB 5.25.5
rucira very pleasing; SB 6.9.41
rucira very pleasing; SB 7.9.13
rucira beautiful; SB 8.9.8
rucira-apāńgīm possessing all attractive features; SB 8.12.24
rucira-smitam seeing the child fully satisfied and smiling; SB 10.7.35-36
rucira-īkṣaṇa charming eyes; SB 10.15.42
rucira-pravālān having beautiful creepers and twigs; SB 10.21.14
rucira and attractive; SB 10.38.28-33
rucira attractive; SB 10.42.6
rucira charming; SB 10.47.15
rucira charming; SB 10.52.18
rucira charming; SB 10.55.27-28
rucira attractive; SB 10.58.18
rucira charming; SB 10.60.33
rucira attractive; SB 10.89.54-56
rucira attractive; SB 11.31.28
rucira pleasing; SB 12.12.69
rucira pleasing; CC Madhya 17.138
ajita-rucira-līlā by the most attractive pastimes of Ajita, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; CC Madhya 24.48
rucira-pravālān having beautiful creepers and twigs; CC Madhya 24.176