sakhā friend; BG 4.3
sakhā friend; BG 11.41-42
sakhā iva like a friend; BG 11.44
kṛṣṇa-sakha O friend of Arjuna; SB 1.8.43
sakhā iva just like a friend; SB 1.15.19
sakhā friend; SB 2.9.30
sakhā a friend; SB 3.4.9
sakhā friend; SB 3.5.12
sakha the companions; SB 3.23.39
sakhā friend; SB 3.25.38
śākhā-mṛgaiḥ with monkeys; SB 4.6.19-20
sakhā friend; SB 4.25.10
sakhā friend; SB 4.28.51
sakhā the eternal friend; SB 4.29.3
sakhā the friend; SB 6.4.24
śākhā whose branches; SB 8.15.12
sakhā friend; SB 9.23.6
sakhā friend; SB 9.24.20
sakhā the friend; SB 10.15.20
sakhā friend; SB 10.36.36
sakhā friend; SB 10.46.1
sakhā the friend; SB 10.46.16
sakha of the friend; SB 10.47.14
sakha O friend; SB 10.47.20
sakhā well-wishing friend; SB 10.56.3
sakhā friend; SB 10.67.2
śākhā-mṛgaḥ the ape ("the animal who lives on branches"); SB 10.67.11
sakhā my friend; SB 10.77.17-18
sakhā friend (named Sudāmā); SB 10.80.6
sakhā the friend; SB 10.80.9
sakhā My friend; SB 10.81.6-7
sakhā friend; SB 10.81.34
śākhā of the toes; SB 11.2.54
sakhā and friend; SB 11.11.49
śākhā-praṇayanam the expansion of the branches; SB 12.7.25
kṛṣṇa-sakha O friend of Arjuna; SB 12.11.25
śākhā of the branches of the Vedas; SB 12.12.45
sakhā friends; CC Adi 3.12
sakhā friend; CC Adi 4.21-22
sakhā the friend; CC Adi 4.25
sakhā-āvala friends; CC Adi 4.113
sakhā friend; CC Adi 5.135
sakhā friend; CC Adi 6.82
bahu śākhā many branches; CC Adi 9.17
śākhā other branches; CC Adi 9.17
śākhā branches; CC Adi 9.18
mahā-mahā-śākhā big branches; CC Adi 9.18
śākhā branches; CC Adi 9.19
śākhā-gaṇera of the branches; CC Adi 9.20
śākhā branch; CC Adi 9.21
śākhā branches; CC Adi 9.22
baḍa śākhā the big branches; CC Adi 9.23
śākhā branches; CC Adi 9.26
mūla-śākhā chief branches; CC Adi 9.31
śākhā-gaṇa branches; CC Adi 9.54
śākhā-rūpān represented as branches; CC Adi 10.7
dui śākhā two branches; CC Adi 10.8
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.12
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.12
baḍa-śākhā another big branch; CC Adi 10.14
baḍa śākhā big branch; CC Adi 10.15
śākhā branches; CC Adi 10.16
śākhā one-sided; CC Adi 10.20
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.24
śākhā another branch (the tenth branch); CC Adi 10.31
śākhā the eleventh branch; CC Adi 10.33
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.37
śākhā the seventeenth branch; CC Adi 10.39
śākhā another branch; CC Adi 10.40
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.49
śākhā another branch; CC Adi 10.53
śākhā the next branch; CC Adi 10.73
mahā-śākhā great branches; CC Adi 10.78-79
śākhā branches; CC Adi 10.84
baḍa śākhā the big branch; CC Adi 10.85
śākhā branches; CC Adi 10.86
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.105
śākhā branch; CC Adi 10.106
baḍa-śākhā eka one of the biggest branches; CC Adi 10.130
śākhā-rūpān in the form of different branches; CC Adi 11.4
śākhā branches; CC Adi 11.5
śākhā-gaṇa the branches; CC Adi 11.6
mahā-śākhā the biggest branch; CC Adi 11.8
mukhya-śākhā chief branch; CC Adi 11.16
vraja-sakhā residents of Vṛndāvana; CC Adi 11.21
nityānandera śākhā a branch of Nityānanda Prabhu; CC Adi 11.23
sarva-śākhā-śreṣṭha the best of all the branches; CC Adi 11.56
sarva-śākhā all branches; CC Adi 11.58
śākhā-rūpān in the form of branches; CC Adi 12.3
śākhā branches; CC Adi 12.4
śākhā the branches; CC Adi 12.7
baḍa śākhā a big branch; CC Adi 12.13
śākhā branch; CC Adi 12.27
śākhā branch; CC Adi 12.56
śākhā branches; CC Adi 12.56
advaita-śākhā branches of Advaita Ācārya; CC Adi 12.65
śākhā branches; CC Adi 12.66
śākhā-gaṇa branches; CC Adi 12.67
śākhā branch; CC Adi 12.69
śākhā-upaśākhā branches and subbranches; CC Adi 12.78
śākhā-śreṣṭha the chief branch; CC Adi 12.80
mahā-śākhā-madhye amongst the great branches; CC Adi 12.88
śākhā-upaśākhāra gaṇana description of branches and subbranches; CC Adi 12.89
śākhā-ādi of the branches, etc.; CC Adi 17.323
sarva-śākhā-gaṇera of all branches; CC Adi 17.323
nityānanda-śākhā of the branches of Śrī Nityānanda Prabhu; CC Adi 17.324
sakhā-jñāne by accepting as a friend; CC Madhya 9.129
sakhā cowherd boyfriends; CC Madhya 11.233
sakhā-gaṇa boyfriends; CC Madhya 13.150
vṛkṣa-śākhā lañā taking a large branch of a tree; CC Madhya 15.33
sakhā-vṛnda hundreds of friends; CC Madhya 15.241
miśrera sakhā friend of Tapana Miśra; CC Madhya 17.92
mūla-śākhā the chief creeper; CC Madhya 19.160
mūla-śākhā the chief creeper; CC Madhya 19.161
sakhā friend; CC Madhya 19.199-200
he sakhā O my dear friend; CC Madhya 19.199-200
śākhā-candra-nyāya by the analogy of the moon and the branches of a tree; CC Madhya 20.248
śākhā-candra-nyāye by the logic of showing the moon through the branches of a tree; CC Madhya 20.404
śākhā-candra-nyāye according to the logic of seeing the moon through the branches of a tree; CC Madhya 21.30
sakhā-sańge with the friends; CC Madhya 21.108
sakhā friends; CC Madhya 22.161
sakhā friend; CC Madhya 22.162
sakhā-gaṇa the friends; CC Madhya 23.93
sakhā-gaṇera of the friends; CC Madhya 24.33
sakhā guru kāntā-gaṇa friends, superiors and beloved damsels; CC Madhya 24.289
sakhā friends; CC Madhya 24.290
sakhā friend; CC Antya 7.25
sakhā friend; CC Antya 7.30
mora sakhā my friend; CC Antya 7.31
śākhā saba all the branches; CC Antya 15.49
mora sakhā My friend; CC Antya 16.83
śākhā-candra-nyāya the logic of showing the moon through the branches of a tree; CC Antya 17.65