sakhyā by my friend; SB 1.15.20
sakhya to think of the Lord as a friend; SB 1.16.16
sakhyā by Kuvera; SB 4.6.34
sakhyā by his friend, Śrī Kṛṣṇa; SB 10.58.18
sakhya friendship; SB 10.81.36
sakhyā together with His friend (Arjuna); SB 10.83.11
sakhya friendship; CC Adi 3.11
sakhya friendship; CC Adi 4.42
sakhya-maya fraternal affection; CC Adi 6.62
sakhyā with His friend Arjuna; CC Adi 6.74
śuddha-sakhya pure friendship; CC Adi 6.76
sakhya-prema friendship; CC Adi 10.116
sakhya-prema-rāśi full of fraternal love; CC Adi 11.16
sakhya fraternity; CC Adi 17.296
sakhya fraternity; CC Adi 17.299
śuddha-sakhya pure fraternity; CC Madhya 2.78
sakhya-prema transcendental loving service in fraternity; CC Madhya 8.74
sakhya of fraternity; CC Madhya 8.86
sakhya-bhāva a friendly relationship; CC Madhya 9.110
sakhya-prīti very intimate friendship; CC Madhya 16.77
sakhya-rati attachment by friendly appreciation; CC Madhya 19.183-184
sakhya friendship; CC Madhya 19.185
sakhya-bhakta devotees in fraternity; CC Madhya 19.190
vātsalya-sakhya-madhure in parenthood, fraternal love and conjugal love; CC Madhya 19.195
sakhya-bhāve as a friend; CC Madhya 19.198
viśrambha-pradhāna sakhya on the platform of fraternity, in which confidence is prominent; CC Madhya 19.224
sakhya-rasera of the platform of fraternity; CC Madhya 19.224
sakhya-rasera by the mellow of fraternity; CC Madhya 19.225
sakhya friendship; CC Madhya 22.121
sakhya friendship; CC Madhya 23.45
sakhya friendship; CC Madhya 23.53
sakhya in the mellow of friendship; CC Madhya 23.56
dāsya-sakhya-ādi servants, friends and others; CC Madhya 24.57
sakhya-bhāva by fraternal love; CC Antya 2.85
sakhya-vyavahāra dealings just like those of a friend; CC Antya 2.85
sakhya friendship; CC Antya 7.25
sakhya to friendship; NBS 82