saṃskāra-kālaḥ at the proper time indicated for Vedic reformatory performances; SB 7.14.26
saṃskāra reformation; SB 10.13.53
saṃskāra-ādi-matām who possess such purification and so forth; SB 10.23.43-44
saṃskāra execution of ritual purification; SB 11.21.14
saṃskāra of the remnants; SB 12.13.2
saṃskāra purification; CC Adi 12.12
saṃskāra reformatory process; CC Madhya 6.76
saṃskāra kariyā cleansing; CC Madhya 11.181
saṃskāra kariyā after cleansing; CC Madhya 15.79
saṃskāra karāila had clipped and cleaned; CC Madhya 15.85
saṃskāra kari' trimming; CC Madhya 15.87
saṃskāra-yugala by both previous and current purificatory methods; CC Madhya 23.95-98
saṃskāra cleansing; CC Madhya 24.333
saṃskāra kari' cleansing; CC Antya 3.37
saṃskāra kariyā cleansing and repairing; CC Antya 13.70
saṃskāra cleaning; CC Antya 18.103
pūrva-saṃskāra-saṃskṛtaḥ under the impulse of previous impressions; Bs 5.23