sańgaḥ attachment; BG 2.47
sańgaḥ attachment; BG 2.62
mukta-sańgaḥ liberated from association; BG 3.9
guṇa-sańgaḥ the association with the modes of nature; BG 13.22
mukta-sańgaḥ liberated from all material association; BG 18.26
mukta-sańgaḥ freed from all attachment; SB 1.12.27
sańgaḥ association; SB 1.19.7
jita-sańgaḥ controlled association; SB 2.1.23
sańgaḥ material contamination; SB 2.7.10
ańga-sańgaḥ bodily union; SB 3.23.10
sańgaḥ association; SB 3.23.55
sańgaḥ attachment; SB 3.25.24
mukta-sańgaḥ liberated from material association; SB 3.29.32
mukta-sańgaḥ free from attachment; SB 3.31.47
mukta-anya-sańgaḥ being freed from all material contamination; SB 4.23.37
sańgaḥ association; SB 4.23.39
sańgaḥ material association; SB 4.29.82
sańgaḥ association; SB 4.30.33
sańgaḥ from material association; SB 5.1.19
vimukta-sańgaḥ free from all material association; SB 5.11.15
sańgaḥ association or attachment; SB 5.18.10
guṇa-sańgaḥ contamination of the three modes of nature; SB 6.1.44
mahat-sańgaḥ the association of a great person like Nārada; SB 7.6.29-30
haṃsa-sańgaḥ having the association of the haṃsas, or liberated persons (who have no connection with material activities); SB 7.9.18
vimukta-sańgāḥ persons who are completely disinfected of material conditions; SB 8.3.7
vimukta-sańgaḥ without material contamination; SB 9.2.11-13
mukta-sańgaḥ a liberated soul; SB 9.10.8
samasta-sańgaḥ all contamination; SB 9.19.25
ańga-sańgaḥ physical association; SB 10.23.32
sat-sańgaḥ the association of devotees of the Lord; SB 11.2.30
sańgaḥ from attachment; SB 11.9.30
sat-sańgaḥ association with My devotees; SB 11.12.1-2
sańgaḥ attached; SB 11.19.40-45
mukta-sańgaḥ free from attachment; SB 11.20.16
sańgaḥ material association; SB 11.21.17
sańgaḥ attachment; SB 11.21.19
sańgaḥ association; SB 11.26.24
sańgaḥ from all material association; SB 11.26.35
sańgaḥ association; SB 11.28.27
mukta-sańgaḥ liberated from material bondage; SB 12.3.51
gātra-sańgaḥ touching the body; CC Madhya 20.61
sat-sańgaḥ association with devotees; CC Madhya 22.85
sańgaḥ association; CC Madhya 22.131
sādhu-sańgaḥ association with pure devotees; CC Madhya 23.14-15
jana-sańgaḥ association with worldly-minded persons; NoI 2
sańgaḥ the association; NBS 39