śarīra bodily; BG 3.8
śarīra the body; BG 5.23
śarīra-sthaḥ dwelling in the body; BG 13.32
śarīra-stham situated within the body; BG 17.5-6
śarīra-stham situated in the body; BG 17.5-6
śarīra by the body; BG 18.15
śarīra-bhājām of the conditioned soul; SB 1.9.42
śarīra the bodily; SB 3.13.38
śarīra-bandhaḥ bondage in this material body; SB 5.5.5
śarīra-mātra the body only; SB 5.5.28
sva-śarīra-avaśeṣita with only his own body remaining; SB 5.24.23
śarīra-daṇḍam corporal punishment; SB 5.26.16
śarīra the body; SB 6.19.13
śarīra the body; SB 7.4.33
śarīra of the body (gross and subtle); SB 8.3.22-24
śarīra and body; SB 8.5.38
manaḥ-śarīra-jāḥ born either of your body or of your mind (all the demons and demigods); SB 8.16.14
sva-śarīra-agninā by the fire emanating from their own bodies; SB 9.8.11
manaḥ-śarīra-dhī who consider the body or mind to be the self; SB 9.8.21
a-śarīra-vāk a voice coming from someone whose body was invisible; SB 10.1.34
śarīra of the body; SB 10.1.51
a-śarīra-vāk a vibration without a body; SB 10.1.54
śarīra-ādiṣu focused upon the material body and other external objects; SB 10.20.39
śarīra bodies; SB 10.87.22
śarīra and the gross body; SB 11.28.17
śarīra-bhājām of the conditioned souls endowed with bodies; CC Adi 2.21
śarīra body; CC Adi 3.41
śarīra body; CC Adi 5.184
śarīra-viśeṣa another specific transcendental body; CC Adi 6.10
śarīra body; CC Adi 16.70
śarīra the body; CC Madhya 2.13
śarīra body; CC Madhya 3.145
prakāṇḍa-śarīra gigantic bodies; CC Madhya 5.136
śarīra-dhārī accepting the body; CC Madhya 6.254
e śarīra this body; CC Madhya 9.189
śarīra the whole body; CC Madhya 9.346
śarīra body; CC Madhya 13.173
dui śarīra both the bodies; CC Madhya 15.262
prakāṇḍa-śarīra very large body; CC Madhya 17.107
śarīra the whole body; CC Madhya 17.205
śarīra-vadana heads on the body; CC Madhya 21.86
ei śarīra this body; CC Antya 4.11
tomāra śarīra your body; CC Antya 4.78
sundara-śarīra very beautiful body; CC Antya 5.114
śarīra body; CC Antya 11.22
mora śarīra my body; CC Antya 11.32
śarīra body; CC Antya 14.51
śarīra the body; CC Antya 14.71
śarīra the body; CC Antya 17.21
śarīra body; CC Antya 18.52
śarīra the body; CC Antya 20.61
āmāra śarīra my body; CC Antya 20.92
śarīra the body; CC Antya 20.123
ā-śarīra-dhāraṇā-avadhi for as long as one still has this body; NBS 14