sataḥ of the eternal; BG 2.16
sataḥ all good work; SB 2.7.49
sataḥ of all living beings in all planets; SB 2.8.12
sataḥ lying; SB 3.9.24
sataḥ of the effective manifestation; SB 3.11.2
sataḥ of the entire aggregate; SB 3.11.4
saṭāḥ hairs on the shoulder; SB 3.13.27
sataḥ bandhum the support of the material cause; SB 3.27.11
sataḥ who always exists; SB 7.7.38
asya sataḥ of this cosmic manifestation now visible; SB 10.2.28
sataḥ which are already present in their dormant state; SB 10.16.49
śatāḥ having hundreds; SB 10.59.45
śatāḥ having hundreds; SB 10.61.6
sataḥ residing; SB 10.64.27-28
sataḥ present; SB 10.84.63
sataḥ of that which is eternal; SB 10.87.25
sataḥ from that which is permanent; SB 10.87.36
sataḥ the saintly devotees; SB 11.5.9
sataḥ of the real (nature); SB 11.24.19
sataḥ of the great previous ācāryas; NoI 3