sati being; BG 18.16
satī the devoted; SB 1.7.43
satī chaste, devoted to the Lord; SB 1.8.17
satī being so done; SB 1.17.26
satī being so done; SB 1.17.27
satī unflinching; SB 2.1.10
sati being present; SB 2.2.4
sati being existent; SB 2.2.4
satī-patiḥ the husband of Satī (the chaste); SB 3.14.36
sati O virtuous lady; SB 3.26.29
guṇa-vyatikare sati when the interaction of the modes takes place; SB 3.32.12-15
sati O virtuous mother; SB 3.32.21
satī chaste; SB 4.1.38
satī named Sati; SB 4.1.65
satī Sati; SB 4.2.3
satī Sati; SB 4.3.5-7
satī uvāca Sati said; SB 4.3.8
satī Satī; SB 4.4.3
satī Satī; SB 4.4.8
satī Satī; SB 4.4.27
satī Satī; SB 4.4.28
satī Satī; SB 4.4.29
satī Satī; SB 4.7.58
sati being the proper engagement; SB 4.15.23
satī becoming; SB 4.17.14
satī the cow; SB 4.19.7
satī being; SB 4.21.31
sati being situated; SB 4.22.28
sati being; SB 4.22.29
satī the chaste; SB 4.23.21
satī chaste; SB 4.23.26
sati O chaste one; SB 4.25.26
sati karmaṇi when material affairs continue; SB 4.29.78
dvija-satī wife of the brāhmaṇa; SB 5.9.7
satī Satī; SB 6.6.19
satī dadhānā increasing; SB 6.14.52
sati O most chaste one; SB 6.17.24
satī the faithful woman; SB 7.7.14
sati the part; SB 7.15.61
sati being so; SB 8.6.20
sati O chaste woman; SB 8.16.8
sati in this way; SB 8.16.40
satī the chaste; SB 8.18.17
śāṭī a cloth; SB 9.9.7
satī the chaste woman; SB 9.9.34
satī chaste; SB 9.10.55
satī being; SB 9.15.9
satī the most chaste woman; SB 9.16.13
satī being in that position; SB 9.18.31
satī so being; SB 10.2.19
sati O supremely chaste; SB 10.3.32
sati O supremely chaste; SB 10.3.43
satī the chaste lady; SB 10.4.4
satī mother Yaśodā; SB 10.7.4
satī mother Yaśodā; SB 10.7.18
satī because I am his wife; SB 10.8.42
muhyati sati being mystified; SB 10.13.57
satī the chaste lady; SB 10.17.19
sati O pious lady (Yaśodā); SB 10.35.14-15
sati being present; SB 10.42.28-31
satī of saintly character; SB 10.52.22
satī Satī, who, in her previous life as the daughter of Dakṣa, chose to give up her body; SB 10.53.25
satī the saintly young woman; SB 10.53.29
satī saintly; SB 10.54.32
sati O discriminating one; SB 10.54.46
satī correct; SB 10.85.10
sati have become; SB 10.87.34
satī the chaste; SB 11.7.57
sati when there is; SB 11.10.34
sati to the extent that there are; SB 11.27.30-31
sati if he has sufficient means; SB 11.27.34
satī true; SB 11.28.34
satī chaste; CC Adi 13.60
sati being; CC Madhya 6.142
sāṭi garments; CC Madhya 8.168
sei satī that chaste wife; CC Madhya 13.153
nija-kṛpā-sāṭī His own used cloth as special mercy; CC Madhya 16.202
satī being; CC Madhya 23.29
satī being in the mode of goodness; CC Madhya 24.217
ṣāṭi sixty; CC Madhya 24.311
satī chaste; CC Antya 3.16