baddha-sauhṛdāḥ bound by eternal friendship; SB 1.14.32-33
sauhṛdāḥ in good will; SB 2.2.18
sauhṛdaḥ friendship; SB 3.3.21
baddha-sauhṛdāḥ bound in friendship; SB 4.20.12
sauhṛdaḥ in friendship or good will; SB 7.12.1
kṛta-sauhṛdāḥ an armistice between them; SB 8.6.32
tyakta-sauhṛdāḥ became inimical toward one another; SB 8.9.1
tyakta-sauhṛdāḥ who have given up the company of well-wishers; SB 9.14.38
adabhra-sauhṛdāḥ devotees who are incessantly friendly to the fallen souls; SB 10.2.31
baddha-sauhṛdāḥ because of being fully attached to Your lotus feet; SB 10.2.33
sauhṛdaḥ all friendship or family relationships; SB 10.4.8
cala-sauhṛdāḥ fickle in their friendship; SB 10.20.17
kṛta-sauhṛdāḥ who have strong friendship; SB 10.36.36
sauhṛdaḥ of whose friendship; SB 10.39.22
sauhṛdaḥ friendship; SB 10.65.11-12
sauhṛdāḥ friendship; SB 10.87.27
sauhṛdaḥ whose friendship; SB 10.90.24
dṛḍha-sauhṛdaḥ being fixed in the mood of loving friendship with the spiritual master, who is one's worshipable deity; SB 11.10.6
sauhṛdāḥ their conception of friendship; SB 12.3.37
sauhṛdāḥ friendly relations; SB 12.3.41
sauhṛdāḥ their affection; SB 12.6.32